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The Team
-= Team Stat =-
  • The team as a whole gains a Team stat, and a Team track with five boxes (The table below). Your Team stat starts the game at +0. Your Team stat can never go higher than +3 or lower than -2.
  • Whenever you would add a Team to the pool, mark a box on the track instead. When you mark the fifth box, clear it and increase your Team stat by +1. Whenever you would spend a Team from the pool, instead clear one box on the track. If there are no filled boxes to clear, then decrease your Team stat by -1.
  • When you help a teammate, roll + Team. On a hit, add +1 to their roll. On a 7-9, clear one box on the Team track. On a miss, clear one box on the Team track in addition to any other hard moves.
  • When you act selfishly, say how your actions ignore or insult your teammates and roll + Team instead of your usual Label on any move. After the move is resolved, decrease the Team stat by -1.

Current Team Stat+0

-= "When our team first came together..." =-

  • The Bull: We defeated a dangerous enemy. Who or what was it?
    Chasin Hess:
    Veronica Moretsky or Byter as she is more commonly known as. She was an activist and hacker who became supervillain when she broke into an R&D lab as “retribution” over the practices done by the company that owned the lab. During the break in they touch some experiments they shouldn’t have and of course that was when everything hit the fan. The lab was working on nanotechnology and Moretsky became bonded with the little buggers. Now she has her own hive of nanobots at her disposal which in large swarms look like living red clouds. Why she’s called Byter? Well one of her favorite ways to use the nanobots is to have them take the shape of a large canine maw that tears easily into most materials and people.
  • Delinquent: We totally broke some major rules to win the fight. What rules did we break? Whose rules were they?
    Aurelia Freeman:
    So, law enforcement gets really pissed off at you when you commandeer equipment of theirs, even when it's to keep a freaking freeway bypass full of traffic from taking major structural damage. And then the big capes get really pissed off at you because you didn't show appropriate respect to law enforcement when you pointed out just how shitty the security on their shiny new drones was and why they should be glad some villain didn't hack them first. (I'm really glad my mask covers my face so they couldn't see me rolling my eyes at them.)
  • Doomed: We paid a high cost for victory. What was it?
    Gracie Marks:
    I'm glad Equalizer saved the lives of those people on the bypass. Really glad. I just wish we could have saved everyone...

    We finally managed to corner Byter and blasted her with a megaton force of an EMP. It took some effort, but it disrupted her connection with the nanobots so she couldn't control her anymore, leaving us with one very pissed off, but powerless hacktivist.

    ...only what we didn't know was that she had several bombs set on a dead-man's switch planted in RoTek's R&D labs. I mean sure, RoTek has a few not-legally-proven ties to The Company, but still... It was the middle of the day. People were working there. Hell, there was even a school tour going on. There were heroes that went in to mitigate the damage of course, but even still, the death toll was far too high...

    I don't know about everyone else, but it's hard not to blame myself. Especially with that little voice in my head going Savor this moment, for this is just the beginning...
  • Protégé: We stuck together after all was said and done. Why? How’d we keep in contact?
    Chasin Hess:
    We didn’t have much choice in the matter after all that happened. Sure we stopped Byter but we were the ones responsible for those bombs detonating… And the people who died in the explosions. If that wasn’t enough Hellion was an unknown at the time given how she obtained her powers that day and some were cautious about Equalizer as well given her disregard for authority. The AoH decided to house the pair until they were certain neither was dangerous and guess who was tasked to play babysitter? Yeah, not exactly what I call fun but hey, an assignment is an assignment.

    Both of them proved they were not going to go full blown villain and after I delivered my report the powers at be took them off house arrest. There were a couple of conditions, with one being they had to work for the AoH since they recognized both ladies have the potential to do a lot of good. I agreed with their decision and when I was assigned to form a team with them I made no complaints. From there were issued AoH gear like our comms and have been working together ever since.

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The Team
-= Students of Black Rose Prep =-

Class 1-2

Identity: Rank 1 - Name Unknown
Looks: Caucasian, Female, Very Short, Bob cut hair style, Braces
Abilities: Aurasphere can project an blue aura around her at a 25ft radius. Everything that falls within her sphere of influence she has intimate knowledge of and absolute control over. Her power is limited on how much she can actually knows. While making protective barriers and moving things around telekinetically comes easily. Doing advance techniques such as changing matter is harder as she needs to know the composition of things before hand. Her range is deceptive, as she can create lasers that can fire outside her sphere of influence.

Identity:  Rank 2 - Name Unknown
Looks: Caucasian, Male, Tall, Red Hair, Specialized Goggles with appatures instead of lenses
Abilities: Gorgon’s eyesight can sap the energy of any who look at his eyes. They glow and are innately attention grabbing. Like all those in his bloodline of body enhancers, the targets he saps he gains their strength, speed and endurance. As of yet, the amount his body enhances has not hit a cap. Through absorbing many people he is able to get into superhuman levels of physicality.

Identity:  Rank 3 - Dani Sarmiento
Looks: South American, Female, Brown Hair tied into a messy bun, sleek body suit with runner shorts and crop top.
Abilities: Newton fakes being a speedster. She is actually a very powerful force manipulator. Her body and anything touching her body, she can manipulate Newton’s Three Laws freely. This is a power born from mixing mother’s (Velocity’s) telekinesis, and her father’s kinetic manipulation. It matches Velocity’s power over all. Instead trading range for more power. She can accelerate her body to high speeds, stop physical blows reactively, and can expel/transfer force to external objects in a fraction of a second.

Identity:  Rank 4 - Brittany Park
Looks: Korean, Female, Long Black Hair with straight bangs, fashionable cloths
Abilities: Similar to her mother, villain Reverie, Brittany can manipulate the minds of those around her. While she doesn’t have the exact power as her mom (lacking telepathic traits), Brittany’s mental manipulations is stronger, being able to give detailed orders, have the target unaware of the manipulations, and even lock someone within their mind.

Identity:  Rank 5 - Violet
Looks: African American, Female, Curly hair bound under headband, flight jacket over padded jumpsuit
Abilities: Plummet can change the density of her body, becoming lighter than air, to denser than titanium. This gives her a good degree of super strength and super endurance. Through careful control, she can fly by throwing her weight around and shifting the density of parts of her body. She likes to hover high above then drop out of the sky with increased density.

Identity:  Rank 6 - Wade
Looks: African American, Male, short dreads with a fade, Red round mirrored glasses. Wand in each hand, they look like they came straight out of Harry Potter
Abilities: Glyph is a sorcerer. His powers are vast, as all magic users are only limited by what they can imagine. Glyph has a speech impediment, and so must transcribe his spells by drawing them out with his specialized wands. He’s gotten quick, and is ambidextrous, so he can cast two spells off with each of his wands

Identity:  Rank 7 - Trent McCloud
Looks: Caucasian, Male, Button up with the sleeves rolled up, slouched beanie
Abilities: Trent has super intelligence, and with a large wealth to fuel his inventions, he has created an arsenal of weapons to use. He has power gauntlets and power boots to allow him to fly and fire off lasers. His full face visor also gives him a range of visions, such as heat and night.

Identity:  Rank 8 - Kitty Daniels
Looks: Mexican, Female, short hair styled with an undercut, leather vest
Abilities: Brimstone can produce and control lava. She likes to create a protective layer around her arms for defense, and fire off spurts for offense. She has yet to get a hold of meta clothes that won’t burn off from the heat. Otherwise she’d cover herself completely.

Identity:  Rank 9 - McKidd
Looks: Caucasian, Male, Long red hair, scottish accent, scruffy beard, oldest in class, carries a large claymore on his back, as well as smaller daggers and short swords on his person.
Abilities: Whetstone is a talented swordsman, and has the ability to supernaturally enhance the edge of any sword to cut through anything. The sword he carries on his back is a family heirloom, enchanted by powerful runes to make it unbreakable and to return to his hand at will.

Identity:  Rank 10 - Me’Alm
Looks: Alien of no specific gender, prefers She/Her pronouns, two sets of arms, the lower pair smaller with only two fingers. Translucent blue skin.
Abilities: Shatterlite is an alien from a distant planet. Her form is made out of condensed light centered around a metallic powersource. She can changed her form to match whatever she desires. Unless something threatens her metal core, she is immune to physical destruction.

Identity:  Rank 11 - Rachel Trengove
Looks: Caucasian, Female, straight black hair (dyed), gothic witch style clothes
Abilities: Karma has innate spellcasting abilities, all centered around manipulating the forces of luck. She can give herself extremely good luck, and others extremely bad luck. With careful control she can create domino effects to get desired outcomes. If her spell is left untargeted, she can cause general chaos in an area. She believes with enough power she can recreate the large scale accidents depicted in Final Destination.

Identity:  Rank 13 - Lian
Looks: Tibetan, Female, Tan skin closely shaven head, loose fitting clothes almost like hand-me-downs
Abilities: Lian has trained in a special martial art that allows her to block ki points. With precise strikes she can lock up peoples muscles and cause a great deal of pain. If she can strike an opponent in a spot at the base of their head she can even take away someone’s meta power. Her strikes can bypass a certain level of super endurance.

Identity:  Rank 14 - Name Unknown
Looks: Caucasian, Male, Tall and gangly, Red Hair, face that looks like it had taken one too many punches
Abilities: Kinetic absorption and physical enhancement. Like all those in his bloodline, he is a body enhancer. He can absorb kinetic energy and enhance his physical traits to superhuman levels. There is a small degree of healing to his ability, as he is able to take beatings that would normally kill a person and only get stronger from it.

Identity:  Rank 16 - Name Unknown
Looks: Chinese, Male, messy hair that brushes over his eyes, thick rimmed glasses, youngest in the class
Abilities: Slag can turn his body into metal. The composition is unlike that of any known metals. He has control of the state of his personal metal, such as making it a liquid or a solid. He prefers the liquid form, and attacks by creating metal spikes that jut out from his body. He is magnetic, which is something he cannot turn off. He can absorb metals to restore any that gets lost or separated from his main mass.

Carbon Copy:
Identity:  Rank 17 - Julien
Looks: Caucasian, Male, black hair that hangs in front of his eyes, emo punk style clothes
Abilities: Carbon Copy can create duplicates of himself at will. Any copy can produce another copy. While lacking the hive mind quality most duplicators have, he is unique in the sense that every copy is the ‘true’ Carbon Copy. So long as one remains, he can survive any ordeal. To this extent he has several hidden away across the states to take advantage of that trait. When one copy gets destroyed all others absorb its most recent memories.

Blue Mamba:
Identity:  Rank 19 - Name Unknown
Looks: Dilophosaurus, Female, frilled neck, bone crested head, blue scales, black inner mouth
Abilities: Blue Mamba is a transformed human (changed at a very young age). She has enhanced physical traits. She can spit a tar like acid from her mouth. It doesn’t affect her own body, and is sticky to the touch. She has a prehensile tail that she can whip around with surprising strength. Because of her animal like transformation she can actually talk to animals.

Identity:  Rank 20 - Sarah
Looks: Caucasian, Female, black feathers growing out of her head and cheeks, black hair, long cloak with black feathers around the shoulders and the upper half of the opening.
Abilities: Featherstorm can transform to a flock of ravens. They have a mind of their own, and retain their own set of memories. She has no range limit so a single raven can fly off by themselves. While not all are needed for her to reform back to human, doing so hurts. It also hurts if any one raven get injured.

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