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My Characters

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My Characters
Name: Richard Jones

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual (straight)

Appearance: Tall and with an athletic physique. Richard has fairly long hair, expressive eyes and a wide smile. He tends to wear dark causal clothing
 - jeans and a t-shirt.

Human or 'Monster'? (eg: Supernatural): Human (cyberpath)

Powers (if Super):

Is able to control any electronic devices using his mind. He is only able to control one device at a time and the device needs to be on and running software. If such a device is linked to a network he can use it as an access point to hack into that network without actually being physically sat at the computer. He can reprogram devices rapidly this way, using his thought alone.

Skills (if Human or Not Super):

Skilled programmer.
Skilled hacker.
Has been practicing Aikido since University
He's a good dancer and cook.
He can handle a motor bike very well (He's won motorcross awards) and can repair them.
He knows a little Japanese.


He's a sucker for a damsel in distress.
He can't resist snopping around inside computer files, which can get him into trouble.
He's human so pretty much vulnerable to everything.

Occupation: Indie games developer / part time security consultant

Living At: A modest town house in Chinatown-International district near Hing Hay park.

Character Depth

History (where are you from? How did you get here? Why are you here? ect...):

Born in wales in the United Kingdom, Richard studied Software Engineering at Swansea university. His talents first exhibited themselves in his first year when he was out drinking and suddenly remembered he needed to submit some coursework the next day. He felt the presence of the nearby nightclub's accounts system and was able to gain access to it and from there log into the Unviversity system, finish his coursework and submit it all within a single hour.

He graduated from University at 21 and got a job working for the UK branch of Dejitaruna Chō, a Japanese company specializing in security software but also having several government and defence contracts. He worked there for five years and then decided to get into games development so he quit and set himself up as an indie games developer and spent the next five years writing moderately successful role playing games.

About six months ago he was approached by Sato Riku, A senior exec for the Seattle Dejitaruna Chō who wanted to rehire him on a part time basis to help develop a new suite of home-based security systems for the rich and famous. The job came with a relocation package and a company paid for home in the Chinatown area of seattle. He took the job and has only just arrived here.


Richard seems to have a nervous energy about him. He can be a passionate individual and can sometimes come across as intense. However, he is also a kind and open individual with a chivalrous streak. He has both a love of music and of cats.

Likes and Hobbies: Motorcross, Aikido, Heavy Metal, Jazz, Cats, Whiskey

Dislikes and Pet-Peeves: Arrogant and superficial people.

Writer Details

What do you want out of this game?

I'd like my character to develop and evolve during the course of the game. I like a good plot. I do enjoy romance and so if I can play out a romance between my character and a female character then that would be fun. If that character was Asian then that would be a bonus for me.

I'm thinking maybe the company Richared works for is upo to something dodgy and he could uncover that and find himself in a heap of trouble?

How often will you be posting?

Once or twice a day, Monday-Friday. I can't ususally post on weekends.

Other Notes:

I have a sort of player profile here: link to a message in this game

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