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Wed 27 Mar 2019
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Starchaser's Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: Software Engineer
Nationality: British
Star Sign: Taurus
Blood Group: AB

Contact information

Discord: Starchaser#5776

Some Bands I Like:

Soundwitch -
Aldious -
Yousei Teikoku -
Within Temptation -
Lacuna Coil -
Halestorm -
Biffy Clyro -
Linkin Park -
And Then She Came -
Kontrust -
Dazzle Vision -

Some Films I Like:

Star Wars
House of Flying Daggers
Curse of the Golden Flower
Train to Bushan
The Others
Queen of The Damned

Authors I Like

H.P. Lovecraft
Charles Stross
Brian Lumley
Dean Koontz
James Herbert
Clive Barker

Systems I like to play

Freeform / systemless
Call of Cthulhu

Genres I like

Lovecraftian Horror
Space Opera
Supernatural Horror
Fantasy / Medieval
Post Apocalyptic

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Wed 27 Mar 2019
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What I enjoy playing
I much prefer to play heterosexual males. I have been known to play homosexual females.
My characters tend to be British, mainly because that's what I'm most familiar with.
I like a good plot but for me romance is a MUST.
I prefer ADULT games and do write erotic content. I will also play Mature rated games and on rare occasions general.

In terms of characters that I would like to play alongside I like dark haired women and I am particularly attracted to Asian women.

I tend to play good guys.

I am looking for long term players I can not only roleplay with but socialise with in an online context (NOT DATING).

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