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Thu 7 Mar 2019
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Rider of Roham
Al'Thelane Fulco, finds himself plodding over frosty plains. Both him and his mount are tired and wounded, pushed into exhaustion through near starvation and over two days of almost constant travel.

It was a scouting mission gone bad. Him and three other light cav scouts were tasked to surveil the edge of a border forest, couched in the foothills of orc infested mountains. This late in the winter it would be common for raids on farmlands and caravans trying to beat the spring trade which came in full force after the first melt.

At first Rider had thought that they had somehow been betrayed, but it was unlikely word had been sent faster than they had traveled since receiving their orders. It had to be that they had learned from previous years. First scouts, followed by a more. Just enough to route the bands of orcs. They must have figured to take out the scouts to buy time, gather the bands, and retreat with their loot back up to the mountains.

He just had to make it back.

Cresting a small rise, he saw just up ahead (300') a small stream. Rider had clocked it on the way out and had been looking forward to refilling his water skins and cleaning his wound, and that of his mount. Just beyond (another 500') he saw... Smoke?


Go ahead and use current level, or whatever you want, even if it doesn't make timeline sense.

Assume 1 level of exhaustion, and max HP, but your hitpoint maximum is currently reduced by 5.
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Tue 19 Mar 2019
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Rider of Roham
Rider's initiative is a 5!

He survey's the scene intently but weariness slows his reflexes.