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Wed 3 Feb 2021
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Submission Guidelines (RTJ)
Greetings and thank you for your interest in this Sentinels Comics RPG campaign.

To apply, please include in your RTJ a brief summary of your character concept. It is not required to have your sheet done when you apply, that can be done after your concept is approved. For this campaign, we are going with original characters- a new team emerging after the momentous events of OblivAeon.

I only have a few basic rules in my game. The first is, be courteous and be kind. Treat the other players with respect, were all here to tell a crazy, fun comic book story. If you have an issue with a player, please contact me via PM and well discuss the issue at hand. Second, if you disagree with a ruling I make, also send me a PM. Please keep disagreements out of the public OOC.

In terms of posting, I certainly understand if you cant post on a given day, real life comes first. There will be times Im not able to get on to respond. If you know youre going to be absent a lengthy amount of time just let us know. I would like everyone to choose a personal text color to highlight their dialogue. Also, please choose something other than Orange, as that is the color we will be using for dice rolls and out-of-game text.