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General Information
Important rules

1. Follow the RPoL rules.

2. Good manners are preferred.

3. Don't worry about destroying my intricate plots. Part of the beauty of Amber is that you will not be plot-hammered. If you are about to get into a battle and decide your character would rather go to the shore for some good fishing or swimming, have at it.

4. Follow the RPoL rules. Really.

5. If you have questions, please ask me. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

6. I will never kill one of your characters outright. I will give you a warning so you aren't mourning a character you may have sunk a lot of time into. That will look like something like this: "Galahad sees the talisman glinting on the floor, but if he runs over there, he will definitely get swallowed up by the lava."  If you decide to try anyway, I'll PM you and let you know your action will get you killed. I am not here to kill player-characters.

7. I am a fan of motivating people by slaughtering NPCs. Many action-adventure movies really kick into high gear when a character you are starting to get attached to is killed. (Looking at you, Ned Stark, Boromir, and pretty much every character Sean Bean has ever played.)

8. I prefer that you not overwrite what is going to happen. Example of this not working well: "Diana swings from the chandelier and throws her spear through the heart of the Hendrake Champion. Boo-ya!! He dies!"

That should look more like: "Diana swings from the chandelier and throws her spear at the heart of the Hendrake Champion. Boo-ya!! Die!"

9. I'll add more as I find it necessary. Also, I am open to your sending me a plot you would like your character to go through.