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Rules and RTJ

- The major rule of this game is Wheaton's Law (if you're not familiar with Wheaton's Law, I suggest that you google it.)

- Also, if there are issues, please PM the GM (Storyteller) I'm here to help.

Posting Stuff

 - Please keep all posts in the Third person
ex. Brock began preparing dinner.
Misty relaxed by the campfire.

 - Please post all dialogue in a color of your choice, with quotations ( it makes it easier to make sure dialogue isn't skipped over or ignored.)
ex. "Pikachu, I choose you!" Ash declared as he pointed towards Gary's Eevee.
Jessie was thrown into the air, "Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again~!"
 - The only color not available for use for player speech is orange, as it is the text that will be used for OOC/mechanics information.

Also, this section will be where "house rule" changes will be made. I will make notifications when these rules are changed/updated, so please feel free to check this thread often.

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Rules and RTJ

Allowed Books:
- PTU 1.05 Core
- PTU 1.05 Pokedex
- PTU 1.05 Sci-Fi Splat: Do Porygon Dream of Mareep (primarily the Researcher Field of Study options presented in it.)

In time, aspects from the divinity corebook (the Blessed and the Damned) will become available for play, but nothing from the book may be taken at creation.

Character Creation

Player Characters are expected to be no younger than 10, and no older than 20 when beginning at the University.

By default, ALL characters begin at Level 1 (New Trainers) with 3000 starting cash for supplies and a single pokemon from the following list:

Bulbasaur        Scraggy        Geodude
Charmander       Sandile        Swinub
Squirtle         Vullaby        Spheal
Chikorita        Elekid         Vanillite
Cyndaquil        Mareep         Nidoran
Totodile         Shinx          Zubat
Treecko          Cleffa         Stunky
Torchic          Ralts          Abra
Mudkip           Flabébé        Solosis
Turtwig          Machop         Gothita
Chimchar         Timburr        Poliwag
Piplup           Makuhita       Tympole
Snivy            Vulpix
Tepig            Magby
Oshawott         Numel
Chespin          Oddish
Fennekin         Bellsprout
Froakie          Lotad

 Each Starter gets the following:

 - All starter pokemon begin at level 5(40xp).
 - Gets +1 to all base stats, +2 to 2 base stats, or +3 to one stat, as per the feature "Rebalancing"
 - Gets 1 move from its egg move list on its inheritance mve list, which it may learn at level 20.

When requesting to join, be sure to mention the following:

 A brief blurb about where your character is from, their goals, their dreams, their family life, what they're like. After that, we can get into the crunch of mechanics and a sheet.

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