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Setting Information

Pokemon University

Pokemon University has been set up within Pallet Town in the Kanto Region as a response to many safety concerns throughout the world in regards to the notion of permitting children and teens to go off on adventures armed with potentially dangerous creatures. Pokemon University aims to teach and train as many people involved in the higher levels of the Pokemon Training industry as possible to not only assure the public of their safety, but also prevent potential catastrophes caused by inexperienced individuals or aggressive pokemon as human cities further and further encroach on previously undisturbed habitats.

 The University itself was built with assistance from the governments of several regions as well as the International Pokemon League with the facilities set to the highest standards to guarantee an optimal learning environment not only for trainers but their pokemon as well.

Special Facilities

Library - Pokemon University has an extensive library filled with books on a wide variety of topics, but perhaps more popular is the University's Pokemon Library. Pokemon University has arranged partnerships with breeders across the world to insure an ever-changing supply of "rental" pokemon of various species which may be "borrowed out" to students to aid in their studies or projects with an increasing limit of the number possible to be borrowed out at a time based upon class performance.

Shop - At the forefront of Pokemon-related technology, the "Shop" as it is known, as is part laboratory, part mechanic garage. Students are free to use the facility to pursue projects for various devices and products to potentially have effects in Pokemon Battles, rumor has it that new types of Pokeballs have even been created solely within the Shop for University use only.

Observatory - The Observatory is a large facility designed to be able to simulate various habitats and weather effects in order to properly educate and test students, as well as be used for various student research projects. The Moonlight Cafe operating within it has also proved to be a popular student hang-out location and is fully student run.

Gym/Pool - The Gym and Pool buildings are state-of-the-art with various controls to provide a wide range of simulations for both training sessions and challenges. Those looking into goals of becoming gym leaders have been known to be particularly interested in learning the systems, allowing them to get design ideas for their own gyms in the future.

Wild Zone - The Wild Zone is a multi-story, multi-climate Pokemon Habitat used for survival exercises, mini-excursions and most importantly, for students to potentially capture pokemon when given permission by the staff. While technically able to be entered at any time, most don't recommend it for the unprepared due to the potential danger of the wild pokemon within.

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Setting Information
Important Technology

 Technology is constantly marching on and thus trainers today have access to far more information than previous generations.

 For example, Poketches (or Pokemon Watches) have become incredibly popular given their many apps. By default Poketches are not only a digital watch, but also a calculator, communication device, and map. The International Pokemon league has even created and released a pokedex app on the Poketch for free.


 Chatter is an app developed for the Poketch. It allows trainers to create digital profiles which keep tabs of a trainer's wins and losses as well as allow users to be able to issue challenges or post statuses in 140 characters or less. Provided the poketch's ability to connect to the internet, it can even be used to record and upload footage of battles directly onto Chatter, which has caused a rise in popularity to the concept of the "Battle Streamer," trainers who focus on streaming their matches for the viewing of their followers, allowing for their followers to gamble upon the outcome of the match, which for some can be quite lucrative.

 Chatter gets frequent updates with bugs and new features implemented every now and again.
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Setting Information
University Life

 Students stay in one of the two dormitories. Small pokemon are permitted to be outside of their pokeballs indoors so long as they are not disruptive. Meals are served freely within the cafeteria in the Main Building or students can choose to stop in the Moonlight Cafe at the Observatory or visit restaurants in town. Students are permitted to leave campus whenever they desire during the day, but the dormitories lock their doors at 9pm on weeknights and 10pm on weekends, with staff often patrolling the grounds for those caught wandering the grounds at night without specific permission. Sometime exceptions are made for classes involving the study of nocturnal pokemon.

 Student Groups

 As one might expect for any school, students often form groups and clubs based on shared goals or interests, meeting or gathering on school grounds or in town depending upon availability and resources. Each group or club has their own criteria for membership and some grant badges of membership to their members which can give certain benefits.

Student Council - The most exclusive group by far, the student council has only five members, the president and four officers. They handle planning for public student events and bring student issues to the staff, if needed.
Members gain the "Student Council Armband," which grants bonuses to the Command skill.
Student Council President: Kinshiro Fujiwara

Gardening Club - This club maintains the school grounds and work on various projects involving horticulture.
Members gain the "Gardening Club Gloves," which give access to the University's berry farm, which is off of the main campus.
Club Leader: Vash Ahlgren

Cooking Club - Most well-known for their recent project, the Moonlight Cafe, the cooking club is made up of students with a love fo sharing recipes and cooking. They not only run the Moonlight Cafe to fund various projects, but also handle food catering for school events.
Members gain the "Cooking Club Apron," which grants unique recipes.
Club Leader: Basil Verdure

Style Club - A club focused on creating costumes and props for various projects. They handle decorations for school events and arrange for school-based contests.
Members gain the "Style Club Scarf" which gives them a bonus to Intuition, Command, Charm, Guile or Intimidate chosen upon joining.
Club Leader: David Jones

Occult Club - The occult club is a bit eclectic in their pursuits. Members seem to enjoy studying rare gemstones, reading on old occult lore and generally being creepy. Some say that the members of this club perform rituals around the school, possibly at the behest of some unknown entity.
Members gain the "Occult Club Choker" which gives them access to the Occult Club's private library with all kinds of information.
Club Leader: Merla Raven

Breeding Club - A Club specialized in breeding optimal pokemon. They work hand-in-hand with the University, often producing pokemon which get released into the Wild Zone.
Members gain the "Breeder Club Bandana," which grants bonuses to the Pokemon Education skill.
Club Leader: Lyla Elliot

Science Club - A club focused on technology and pushing the limits of existing tech. They make heavy use of the Shop and produce various devices.
Members gain the "Science Club Goggles," which grants bonuses to the Technology Education skill.
Club Leader: Benkei Saimoku

Martial Arts Club - While not limited to Martial Arts specifically, this club focuses on any trainer who physically trains alongside their pokemon, looking to build self discipline.
Members gain the "Martial Arts Club Band," which grants bonuses to the Combat skill.
Club Leader: Jian Yu

Delinquents - Not recognized officially as a club by any means, but recognizable all the same, the delinquents are a group of guys and gals either involved in, or suspected to be involved in crime. They often gather and hang about the campus seemingly having little care for authority or rules, and a willingness to prove themselves to anyone who doubts them.
Members gain the "Delinquent Jacket," Which grants bonuses to the Intimidate skill.

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