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Wed 20 Mar 2019
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Safety Tool: Lines and Veils
Lines and veils are used to set and handle boundaries on content in a game.

Lines are hard limits on content, things that the GM, the players, or the showrunner don’t want to engage in. Setting up a line means that content won’t show up in the game at all.

Veils are soft limits, things that are ok “behind a curtain” or when they “cut-to-black.” Setting up a veil means that the content might be in the game but not spotlighted or described in great detail.

We will maintain a list of Lines and Veils here.  You may submit your own here, or to me privately if you prefer.

As a general guideline, our game should stay within the bounds of PG-13.

Child abuse
Sexual assault


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MC Bob
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
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Lines and Veils
To clarify, obviously the Child-Thing getting beat up in a fight as a result of gameplay doesn't count as "child abuse" for these purposes.  But we won't see him/her in situations that mirror real-life abusive households, etc.