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Chapter 3 - A bedtime story
Grey Wyrm:
During the week Ricky hears about a local minor noble named Nerius Bootlum. Apparently he was attacked and robbed by bandits about 2 days east of Hardby as he was travelling to a gnomish settlement in the Abor-alz mountains, which is an area you have recently travelled through four times on the way to and from your previous adventures.

Apparently he is offering a reward of 2,500gp for the head of the bugbear bandit leader and the return of something that was stolen from him. It seems clear that this is a different group of bandits and not the same ones from the Cairn Hills that you encountered previously.

Ox Gordon:
During the week the party will attempt to gain an audience with this Noble, Nerius Bootlum.

You do indeed manage to meet with Nerius Bootlum. He seems like one of those self-important, snobbish people who generally wouldn't associate with the common folk, but he seems to be making an effort to at least be civil with 'useful' adventurer types who might be willing and able to get back what he has lost.

He tells you that he was taking a family heirloom to a gnomish village in the Abor-Alz when he was robbed and left for dead by a group of evil humanoid bandits led by a bugbear called Relgore Himtooth. When he describes where they attacked him you realise they must have come out of the Abor-Alz mountains just east of the Shrine of Two Horizons that you visited previously.

They stole that heirloom and he wants it back. He does tell you that it is a small brass bed, only 4 feet long and therefore too small for an adult human to use, although it has been used by children in his family for generations and they have always slept wonderfully well in it. He does tell you that it is magical. He doesn't explain why he was taking it to the gnomes but he does offer a reward of 2,500gp for its return, as long as you also bring proof that the bugbear is dead! He clearly wants the bed back but he also wants revenge on the bugbear as well. For some reason he doesn't seem to be able to separate those two outcomes. If pressed on that point he just looks confused and insists the reward is for "the bed and the head", not for either one separately.