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Preface & Rules
Saga of the Forgotten Realms is a semi-sandbox adventure set in the, well, Forgotten Realms. It begins in the town of Redcreek, near the Neverwinter Wood. (See Introduction & Character Creation for more info.) It follows D&D 5e rules and content, but is also flexible for alterations. Here are the directives:

Everyone is expected to act in a civil manner. Flaming, spamming, etc. is not allowed. Your character may insult other characters, but not other players themselves. Rather self-explanatory.
There are no strict posting quotas; however, if you are not active for multiple weeks you may be booted. Feel free to post as frequently as you like, though, so long as you don't spam.
There are a few conventions for everyone's convenience.
  • Write in the third person, unless using dialogue, thoughts, etc.
            Bruenor sharpens his blade.
  • Dialogue should have quotation marks.
            "That's insanity!" Bruenor says, giving the rogue a dubious look.
  • Thoughts should be italicized and preceded by a tilde.
            ~ Should I go for the pile of gold or the enchanted dagger...
  • Any OOC comments must come at the end of your post. They must be in green. (Preferably, an OOC topic will be used.)
            How much XP does it take to progress to level 4?
  • Radios and other such communication should be italicized and preceded by >>.
            >> Crrrk... testing... testing...
  • The DM will write mechanical info in bold.
            Bruenor's twinned firebolt spell deals 16 fire damage to Rezmir.

You must roleplay. Some get more into it than others, but this website is called Roleplay Online. Do not break out of character, unless in the appropriate OOC topic. Follow D&D 5e rules, house rules, listen to the DM, and respect other players.

That is pretty much it. The goal is for you and your fellow players to have fun. Enjoy!

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