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You have a normal job.

You also have a secret that absolutely no one knows.

Just by looking at you-- at least most of the time-- no one would guess your secret.

The number one rule is: Don't let anyone else learn your secret. It would-- to say the very least-- stress you out A LOT if anyone else learned your secret.

--What is your secret?

You may either choose from the list below, OR (almost certainly using RPol's dice roller) a 29-sided die may be rolled, and you work with what you get.

Once you know your secret, you (working with the GM) need to decide:

--What do you want OR what is your goal (besides not letting anyone learn your secret)?

(It could be something as simple as "get a raise" or "get a promotion.")

Multiple PCs ARE allowed to have the same sort of secret, because their characters can have the same type of secret and still be extremely different. (If two robots, one can be very human in almost every way, and one can be able to do all sorts of Inspector Gadget-type things. Two vampires? One can be a normal person who happens to feel an irresistible craving to drink someone else's blood sometimes, and one can be a more cinematic vampire who can change into mist and hypnotize people or whatever. Two criminals? One can be a bank robber and one can be a hacker who can do all kinds of things as far as breaking into people's accounts. Hell, you could all four be members of the fairy seelie and/or unseelie courts and still super be involved in the same secret-keeping shenanigans, BELIEVE ME.)

By the way: you're about to discover that someone you work with at work (your normal job, not your secret lifestyle) also has an amazing secret.


2--Time Traveler: past/future/parallel
5--Mad Science Monster
----Patchwork Being?

11--Holy destroyer
13--Demigod (includes shinigami)
14--Fallen Deity
15--Fallen Angel
19--Nature spirit
20--Animal Spirit
22--Reincarnated person
23--Ninja (supernatural powers)
24--Other World (fantasy world)
----transform into something
----mad or like mad

MUNDANE 26 - 29
28--Secret Society (Spy?)
29--incredibly rich


You are an alien who-- at least some of the time-- can pass for human. Describe:
--1 weird thing about your body
--1 thing about the alien technology you have access to OR a second weird thing about your body
--your purpose for being on earth (are you here to find someone? Are you on the run from someone?)
--1 obsession you have

2--Time Traveler: You are not from this time.

A: You come from the past, and something or someone has sent you forward in time. You may have also visited the future, but the main thing is that you originally came from the past, and now you're in 2019 (and trying to convince people you belong here).

B. You come from the future, and something or someone (or you, yourself) has sent you forward in time. You may have also visited the past, but the main thing is that you originally came from the future, and now you're in 2019 (and trying to convince people you belong here).

C. You come from 2019... but not THIS 2019. Maybe in your 2019 the Roman empire never fell, or it's a ruined wasteland, or it's a utopia, or anything else you want, but the main thing is that you originally came from a different parallel timeline, and now you're in THIS 2019 (and trying to convince people you belong here).

3--Robot: You are a robot.
--Name at least 1 thing that's weird about your robotic body... and/or your robotic brain. (Note, people who are mostly cyborg may go here, or in 4, Superpowers, or 5, Mad Science Monster.)

4--Superpowers: You have ONE (non-magical) ability that if they knew about it, other people would say "wow, you're like a superhero."

--What is your one ability/power? Flight? Bulletproof? Shapechanger? Psychic? (Telepath? Telekinetic? Teleporter? Other?)


5--Mad Science Monster: You were created through some sort of mad science. Perhaps you are made from the body parts of different dead people, like Frankenstein's monster? Whatever you are, keep in mind that you have to seem normal enough, at least some of the time, to hold down a daily job.

--Name at least one weird thing about your body. (If you are a Frankenstein-type monster, this could be as simple as "I am a Frankenstein-type monster made of the body parts of dead people, and I have many ugly scars that I cover up (or mostly cover up) with my clothes.")


6--Ghost/Haunted: You are a ghost, or you are haunted by a ghost. (Which is it?)

7--Undead: you are some sort of living dead being. Here are three examples:
----Vampire: you are a vampire, like Dracula (any of the millions of other vampires in popular culture.) Sometimes, you have an irresistible craving for the blood of other people.
----Revenant: you are back from the dead because you have some sort of unfinished business (like Brandon Lee in the film The Crow)
----Mummy: you have been brought back from the dead by an Egyptian god. The light of the sun weakens you. Sometimes you hear the god who brought you back in your head, wanting you to do stuff. You might be very strong, or maybe not. You might have to spend 12 hours a day wrapped in bandages, or maybe not.)

8--Tulpa: You are a thoughtform, someone's imagination brought to life and made solid through thought. Someone-- very possibly from Tibet, or trained by Tibetan mystics-- dreamed you up, and now you walk around earning a living because someone thinks you do. If anything ever happens to that person, or they stop thinking about you regularly, you will slowly cease to exist...

9--Witch/bokor/houngan/shaman: You have some sort of magical abilities...

10--Cultist: You are a part of a mystical cult-- whether for good or for ill...

11--Holy destroyer: Although you hold down a regular job, some of your spare time is spent working to hunt down and destroy monsters and/or things of unclean/unholy evil.

12--Angel: You are an angel. You might be able to grow wings and fly and/or do various other miraculous things, or maybe you're just a dead person who walks around looking for the right moment to help people, save someone, or do good.

13--Demigod (includes shinigami): You are a minor deity who holds down a job like a normal human. Perhaps you're just not very powerful, or only under certain circumstances, or maybe it just amuses you to pretend you're a normal human... or maybe you're in love with someone else at your job (maybe that's why you got this job, is to be near them...?) Name at least one (maximum 2) impressive thing about yourself.

14--Fallen Deity: You used to be a deity, but these days you've kind of fallen on hard times. Hardly anyone worships you anymore, and you're just doing your best to get by... You do still have a little power, though... Name at least one (maximum 4) miraculous thing you can do (it might be small, or not).

15--Fallen Angel: You are a fallen angel. Name at least one unusual thing about yourself.

16--Fey: You are a fairy, an elf, a pixie, whatever, who can look human (or almost-close-enough human). Why are you pretending to be human and work a human job? Love? Hiding?

17--Golem: You were brought to life by magic, probably good/holy magic.

18--Djinn/ifrit: You are a spirit being of wind or fire who just pretends to be human. Name one way you are different from a normal human.

19--Nature spirit: You are a nature spirit who just pretends to be human. Name one way you are different from a normal human.

20--Animal Spirit: You are a spirit of a particular type of animal who just pretends to be fully human. Name one way you are different from a normal human.

21--Monster: You are some sort of monster who just pretends to be human. Name one way you are different from a normal human.

22--Reincarnated person: You seem like a normal human in every way, but you also have at least one set of memories from before your current lifetime. Where and when do you remember living before? (Note: This might not have gone one for all your life. Maybe the person whose body you are in now got sick or had some sort of accident and what you think of as "you" walked into this new body...)

23--Ninja (supernatural powers): You are a ninja with at least one supernatural ability. Name one thing you can do that a normal human can't do..

24--Other World (fantasy world): You seem like a normal human (maybe you look just a tiny bit weird, like your ears are pierced 50 times or they're just a little pointier than most people's or maybe your skin is just a tiny bit green or purple in direct sunlight), but you are actually from an amazing fantasy world. Name one very strange thing about that fact (you can do magic? You fear that the Goblin Emperor will follow you to this world someday? When you play a musical instrument amazing things happen?)

25--Accursed: You are under some sort of curse. Here are some possibilities:
----you are some sort of werebeast
----you sometimes transform into something else
----You are sometimes insane, maybe in a funny way, maybe in a dangerous way, maybe some of each. You can, however, control this at work. Almost always.

MUNDANE 26 - 29

26--Criminal: You are secretly a criminal, and I don't just mean for traffic tickets, I mean something at least as bad as compulsive shoplifting. What do you do, with some regularity (at least once a month) that is illegal? (And I mean, VERY illegal.)

27--Vigilante: You pretend to have a normal life, but when you're not at work, you go out and fight crime. Whether with a gun, a baseball bat, brass knuckles, or just your bare hands because you are a hardcore badass, you patrol for muggers and drug dealers and stuff, and when you find them, you DEAL with them.

28--Secret Society/Spy: You are a member of a very secret society with a very secret agenda. What is the goal of your secret society, and what do you do as a member of your secret society that no one must find out about? (NOTE: Secretly working for the government (ANY government, foreign or domestic) as a spy also counts as being a member of a secret society.)

29--Incredibly rich: Although you don't want anyone to find out, you are incredibly rich. Why are you working at this pretty normal job?

Making your character and starting play:

1. Choose a secret. The GM will probably want to talk more with you about the details of your character. You'll get at least one thing about you that's like "Wow, amazing" and at least one thing that's a bit of a challenge to hide from people (it might be the same thing as the amazing thing).

2. You will assign ability scores to your character:

--Assign these scores to your stats: 16 (+2), 14 (+1), 12 (0), 10 (0), 8(-1)

Forceful: STR rolls. Holding on to stuff, not being moved from one spot, etc.
Agile: DEX rolls.
Charming: CHR rolls as far as persuasion and/or making others like you.
Confident: Anything to do with willpower and/or self-control... also probably lying.
Insightful: Anything to do with noticing things, and also (most) INT rolls

(That leaves CONstitution... It's a bit situational. What do you use it for?
--Defending something... That's Forceful now, in general.
--Not passing out or succumbing to something or drowning...
----Not passing out (yet) because of blood loss: That's Confident now because willpower.
----Not succumbing to, say, poison gas: Same, unless it's just a matter of sheer lung power, which would fall under Forceful
----Not drowning: ditto, except it's even a little more likely to be Forceful)

(Note: these are relative. Example: If you have a super power and your power is super strength, then whatever you put under Forceful, you will only need to roll for doing something Strength-related if it's really challenging, like tearing open a bank vault door. Bending iron bars on a barred window might not even require you to roll at all.)

--Everyone gets Health Points. The GM will decide how many Health Points you'll get based on your secret, but most normal healthy humans usually get something like 18.

--Everyone gets a base damage die, decided by the GM (possibly with your input).. Healthy strong humans who exercise probably get d6. Unhealthy or weak humans who never exercise (or are super pacifist) might get d4. Members of the Marine Corps or experienced vigilantes might get d8. If you're a djinn or an ifrit or a ninja or a superhero, you might get d10 or who knows what.

(Note: You might think "Are Forceful and Agile really all that important when I work a normal office job?" BUT WHAT IF A VAMPIRE WAS TRYING TO KILL YOU? FORCEFUL AND AGILE WOULD SOUND PRETTY DARN USEFUL THEN RIGHT?!? RIGHT?!?!?)

(If you die permanently-- although the GM will try to help you not die permanently-- you will have to make up a new character. The new character could be someone who's come to avenge the dead character!)

3. Now that that's out of the way: Where do you live? That is, where do you go when you're not at work? Where do you sleep (IF you sleep?)

4. You will work with your fellow players and the GM on where you all work, since you'll all work together.

5. Once that's established, it's almost time to play the game! Each player starts in a private thread, and when one or more of you run into each other, the GM will make a new thread for that.


("Wait, does that mean someone will start the game having just discovered MY secret?" Yeah, someone will, but you won't know who at first, or even that anyone has. What'll be important at first will be that YOU have just discovered someone ELSE's secret.)

So the game will start that you have just discovered a co-worker's amazing secret, and how you'll deal with now having that information.

--Will you let them know right away that you know?
--Will you let them know ANONYMOUSLY that you know, and see how they react?
--Will you just keep quiet and keep an eye on them in the days to come?
--Will you contact the authorities?
--Will you take action yourself?
--Will you tell another co-worker?

(Obviously, it will depend on what sort of secret it is...)

--How will you deal with it when and if you discover that one of your co-workers has discovered YOUR secret?

Also note:
This is almost as important as not letting anyone find out your secret!


--HOW WILL YOU ALL DEAL WITH KEEPING THESE STRESSFUL-TO-KEEP SECRETS WHEN IT'S CRUNCH TIME AT WORK? (Christmas rush, tax season, fighting for a raise or a promotion, unionizing, union negotiation, huge project deadline, etc.?)

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