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Rules for combat (if necessary) will follow those of Dungeon World.

However, the ability scores are different from Dungeon World... There's only 5.

Forceful: STR rolls.
Agile: DEX rolls.
Charming: CHR rolls.
Confident: Anything to do with willpower (like resisting mind control).
Insightful: Anything to do with noticing things, and also (most) INT rolls

That leaves CONstitution... It's a bit situational. What do you use it for?
--Defending something... That's Forceful now, in general.
--Not passing out or succumbing to something or drowning...
----Not passing out (yet) because of blood loss: That's Confident now because Willpower.
----Not succumbing to, say, poison gas: Same, unless it's just a matter of sheer lung power, which would fall under Forceful
----Not drowning: ditto, except it's even a little more likely to be Forceful

Indeed, in general, if you want to do anything, you roll 2d6 plus whatever modifier (if any) you have for the relevant ability score (usually -1, 0, +1, or +2).

If you ever roll a result of 6 or lower, you get 1 xp.

Anytime anyone gets 6 xp, one can trade it in.

Trading it in, the first 10 times, means you get to raise 1 ability score by one point (example: 10 to 11... or 12 to 13, or 8 to 9, either of which would change the modifier...) (Max of 18, which gives a +3 modifier)

However, every time (that is, not just the first 10 times), trading in 6 xp means you also get to choose one new Facet.

Example: An alien gets 6 xp, and their player tells the GM they want to trade in the XP to have (or build) a ray gun! What does the ray gun do? It could do anything! The player and the GM will discuss what the ray gun will do... the GM may insist (probably, in fact) on a weakness for the ray gun: it's fragile and easily broken, it needs a long time to warm up, it needs a long time to recharge, it runs on diamonds, and/or so on.

A vampire leveling up could trade 6 xp for a new (or just heretofore unused) power such as turning to mist.

A witch could get a new spell.

A robot can have a new cool robot thing they can do, etc.

Getting HP back:
Getting enough sleep or rest means you get half your maximum HP back. (Napping at work might mean you get a couple of HP back, but there will certainly be consequences if you are caught.)

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