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Company: BPS (Business Systems Properties) Management, Inc.

Departments, in order of how important the company seems to think they are, from highest to lowest:

--Accounting and Finance
--Purchasing and invoicing
--Marketing (including selling) and Public Relations
--Research and Development (often abbreviated to R&D)
--Human Resource Management
--Resources (includes Warehouse)

Your PC works in the Resources department, and you are occasionally moved around and assigned to various things as needed... Usually as a group of about 12 people.

Most recently, you've been assigned to help Legal with something. All you know is that you're going through hundreds if not thousands of bankers' boxes worth of digitized files of paperwork and memos from some legal office ranging from 1995 to 2002. You're running your eye down each page, and making a (digital) notation in another window every time you spot certain things:
--mention of a phone call to or from the private law firm in question ("Horst, Finagle and Hart") and a company called "Brightwater Realty"
--any mention of the name "Dr. Thorstein Voytko"
--any mention of "J and L Construction" IF said mention includes mentioning "a delay" (usually "yet another delay"), as it increasingly does as the files move from '95 to '02.

When you find any of these, you note what group, what set, and what page you found it on (and was mentioned).

Yeah. Kind of boring. At least you're allowed to listen to music or audiobooks or whatever on earbuds while you work... as long as you don't drop below completing looking at a certain number of pages per day...