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Wed 27 Mar 2019
at 16:25
Neverwinter is under attack! The whole city is besieged by what looks like... Animals?

Strange amalgamations of Animal and machines are attacking the city. Enlarged Rabbits with cogs and gear work on their legs hop through the city. They rear up and their ears give way to tubes of glass and light. Instantly a citizen is vaporized by it.

alligators crawl from teh sewers flinging saw blades from their machine tails and belching fire from their mouths. Children and adults alike are drug into the tunnels and devoured. Bat like creatures drop clay jars filled with alchemical concoctions that explode and maim.

The city is in chaos...

You and your team are the only ones left from the militia. You are held up at Castle Never As the Rest of the city has been over run. The City seems to be changing, sections seem to be taken over by various elements, The industrial sector seems to spark with Electricity while giant gouts of flame spew out of the prison. The Garden Sector seems to be frozen over, while a giant contraption seems to hover over the city.

The Grey Cloaks have sent word for help, but no one knows how long it will be, someone has to do something...

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