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Wed 27 Mar 2019
at 17:32
House Rules!!
These are not set in stone: these are proposals only. Want to see what y'all think . . .

1) Meatgrinder mode (modified): Death saves at 15 instead of 10

2) Slow healing (use hit dice for healing on a long rest as well: get half hit dice back every night)

3) Action points: I don't remember exactly how these worked in previous editions, but what I use them for is to do stuff that's awesome that you might not normally be able to do. The way it works is this: You tell me what you want to do. I will tell you how many action points that costs. Something like "I leap across a 20 foot chasm with ease" might cost you one action point; something more fantastic might cost you more than one action point. You get 3 action points each level. Any unused action points carry over.

4) Drinking or administering a potion is a bonus action

So I have 2 rules that make it harder, two that make it easier. I'd be interested in your opinions before these rules take effect.
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Wed 27 Mar 2019
at 17:48
House Rules!!
The following house rules are non-negotiable, though you are welcome to comment/ask me about any of them if you wish. . .

1) I am not the language police, so I don't care. Just don't go overboard, please.

2) Absolutely no intolerance or hate speech of any kind. I'm okay with different beliefs and opinions, but this game excepts everyone. This means no sexism, no racism, no sexual harassment. Basically, don't do anything that would make someone else in the game not feel welcome. If you feel like another in the game is making you uncomfortable, let me know and I will deal with it.

3) As I said, I am okay with any opinions or beliefs you have, but there will be no politics in this game whatsover. I don't care who you are, what side you're on, or what your affiliation is, keep that stuff out of the game.

4) I will be using a modified version of the red/yellow card here. What this means is that if any content in the game makes you uncomfortable, pm me and I will steer the game away from that immediately, no questions asked. I may ask you to clarify exactly what bothers you, but I will not ask you why or try to negotiate with you about it. I want everyone to have fun, and this will ensure that this is a safe space for everyone. In 37 years of gaming, I've had this come up exactly once. I would rather change my game than continuosly make one of you feel uncomfortable.

5) I understand by the very nature of this game, that people will float in an out of it. If you need to be gone for a bit, please just let me know. If/when you come back, we'll work to come up with a solution for what happened with your character.

6)As we get closer to the start of the game, I will post rules for combat. This is done to insure that the game can keep rolling even if some of us can't.

7) If we have a rules disagreement (or any other disagreement) in game, please PM me about it instead of having an argument in the game. I promise I will listen to you. I will not call you out in front of everyone, I ask the same courtesy.

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