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Lexard Blackhull
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Sat 30 Mar 2019
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Lexard Blackhull
Character NameLexard BlackhullHeight6'3"
Character RaceV. HumanWeight256
DeityThe AllhammerHairBald

Miner: Guild Artisan/Sailor combo
Trait 1If I'm gonna do something, I'm gonna do it right.
Trait 2I'm rude to people who lack my commitment to hard work.
IdealsWe all do the work, so we all share the rewards.
BondsMy commitment is to the job, not the people in charge of it.
FlawsWhen my courage is questioned, I'll never back down.


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Lexard Blackhull
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Tue 2 Apr 2019
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Shared "Secret"

1. There is a castle just to the west of the village of Zelkor's Ferry, and you've heard that the Elves have returned. But you have also heard that they shoot first and ask questions later. Stupid elves.
2. Jurik, you have heard that no one ever gets out of Rappan Athuk alive.
3. Deep within the hill lies a pool of lava guarded by demonic lizards. If one can defeat them, pure gold can be distilled from the liquid rock.
4. Himo, the rumor you have heard is that the caves are safer than the carved passages. The upper levels are also very tough in the carved areas.
5. Lexard, you have heard that a high priestess of Hecate (the Goddess of Evil Magic) was turned into a statue of living ruby, and is entombed in the dungeon. She had a magic ring that allowed her to change shape. Her name is Akbeth.
6. Roman, you have heard that a great red dragon has been seen flying about the area. It is said to lair somewhere to the east.
7. Surgere, you know that there was a renowned adventuring company, much like yours, though more experienced, that went to Rappan Athuk about two months ago. They were called the Fire Hawks, and they were renowned throughout the world. They haven't come back yet.
8. Galdefax, you have heard rumors that a great city of goblins lies deep in the complex, and they are followers of orcus.

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