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Chapter One
The once busy road that led to the ancient city of Paris was barely discernible through the weeds and grasses that had reclaimed it. Gardens, once looked after and trimmed to perfection, were now rough and overgrown, returning back to their chaotic natural state. Many of the doorways stood tall and empty, in some cases it was one of the few things left of a home. But most buildings stood precariously upright despite looking like they had no means to do so.

The many voices of the once bustling city were replaced now with the sounds of the wilds that had reclaimed the concrete streets. Street after street of abandoned buildings made for a terrifying thought - many of these were once homes. There were signs of fires, in some cases it was merely a trail of soot and smoke above a window pane, in others it was a pile of ash where a building had once stood.

The more time passed, the more traces of those who had lived here would disappear. Even now, there were only remnants, without the edifices of concrete and steel, it would have long since been overgrown and returned to the wild. The air, once filled with the bustle and cacophony of a thriving community, was now eerily silent. This silence was only broken by the occasional gust of strong wind or wandering animals. It was a strange feeling to be in the place - walking the paths of those so many lives now long forgotten. There was, in coming to this place, a powerful and awful sense of hopelessness one found hard to escape. Even if those who had survived the Collapse returned here someday, too much had been lost already - it would never be the same again.
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Chapter One
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Music blasted through her helmet as she, with the aid of her St0mp-E55, races on foot, leaping from rock to car hood to building. The flash of white and black was a mere shadow across the green and grey landscape now overgrown by years of untrodden paths. Phedre was to meet with her fireteam two clicks away in an abandoned courtyard that served as the transmat base for the area. Unlike most guardians, she preferred to travel across on foot or sparrow. There wasn't anything quite like feeling the wind blow through the joints of her armor as she zipped by.

She crested a building that appeared to have held up over time's destructive force, using a sign that read 'Luxembourg Gardens' as leverage and stood atop the building scouting out her approach to the designated location. A river and a few building stood between her and the 'Place des Vosges', the location of their meeting place.

{Seems quiet enough.} Her ghost appeared over her shoulder, a silver ring with the 'eye' suspended in the center, Delaunay was an ever-present fixture in her life. {I imagine you want me to leave you to your flight across it all.}

"Yes, please. Oh and Dee, play some Van Halen from my Golden Age playlist for me, would you?"

A steady thrumming of bass drums started its relentless pace in her ears. Her grin spread wide at the recognition of the song. "That's perfect."
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Chapter One
"No - like I said, you need to recharge the plasmatic heat exchange module and resequence the ventral atomic transcriber. It's not going to be able to move correctly if you don't have that module properly aligned and charged." The small drone hovered over the shoulder of a man in a ragged cloak of dark fabric, his pale blue hands elbow deep in the chassis of a sparrow. Eyes of pale ice glanced back at the Ghost, "Really? I thought it was the multiphase manifold, Triv - make up your mind on what part I'm supposed to be tearing apart next, if you would."

Triv huffed, her voice taking a soft tone of aggrivated annoyance. "I never said that! You should know that a multiphase manifold has nothing to do with the plasmatic heat exchange module issues that you were experiencing on the way here. I would swear sometimes that you just willingly ignore....HEY! Are you listening to me?!"

The Awoken man pulled out a cracked crystal - holding it up to the Ghost. "I would if you had been correct. I told you we should have brought a particle automeasure with us - or at least you should have grabbed one of the other sparrows instead of just this one. The malfunction from the climate shift cracked one of the focus couplings, which is where the issues were coming from." He shifted, rummaging through the bag slung across the body of the sparrow, pulling a similar - but whole - crystal out. "It was a good prognosis, just wrong diagnosis. If we had kept on like we had been, it would have been worse than a cracked coupling - you'd be pulling me back and we'd be walking." He leaned back into the machine, fidgeting with a calm confidence of experience as he realigned the new coupling along with others.

"That should do it - run a diagnostic? And double check your plasmatic heat exchange theory - just in case. Don't want to end up hearing an I told you so after exploding if I can help it." He smiled over his shoulder at the sulking Ghost, snapping shut the chassis of his repaired sparrow. Sitting back, he tossed the now useless coupling into the debris surrounding them - waiting for Triv to finish scanning the sparrow.

"Everything checks out - I could have sworn the sputters were due to the heat exchange." The Ghost bumped her Guardian's shoulder softly, her form of reassurance that she wasn't truly angry. The Awoken stood, stretching as he finished repacking the emergency toolkit into the sparrow bags. "I would offer the explanation of that being the difference from listening to a problem as compared to actually feeling the issue. Slight difference in how those things snap, if that makes any sense."

He swung a leg over the sparrow body, revving the engine alive and smiling at the smooth roar. "All better. Alright, let's get moving - still a few klicks to go until we hit this Place des Vosges to meet up with Phedre." Triv bobbed in agreement, vanishing from view. As soon as the Ghost had disappeared, he punched the accelerator, the low rumble erupting into a screaming roar of power as the sparrow shot forward.

The pair flashed through the ruined streets of this long forgotten city - a place referred to on the Golden Age maps as "Paris", within a territory labeled as "France." These days, territories and ruins were of little interest to the majority of Humanity - they were, mostly, viewed as simply another hiding place for their enemies. However, there were some who saw them through different lenses - Alex being one of them.

He smiled under the cover of his helm, the feeling of smashing through the crisp air one that he couldn't imagine ever getting tired of - though he admitted that the adrenaline was nothing compared to the thrill of finding new artifacts within the rubble of the old worlds. Others sought glory and prestige in the Crucible or in the dark zones controlled by the collective enemies of Humanity. Let them have it. Alex was content with the knowledge that he teased out of the ancient halls of those who came before them - both friend and foe. The dead, often times, held more valuables than any strike would be able to manifest. They held the knowledge of their lives - the collective information of the worlds that had been, and sometimes the worlds that were to be.

He mentally nudged Triv, her demateralized form connected via a neural link that neither of them had been able to define fully. "You seeing anything out there, Triv?" A warm pulse as his Ghost activated her own side of the link was a familiar and comforting sensation. "No unusual signatures detected in the vicinity - we are drawing close to the rally point, however. I expect that we'll be seeing an upward spike of activity somewhere around that time - though, if the briefing that we received is at all accurate, it won't be anything that we should be worried about."

He swung through a ruined arch, gunning the sparrow down a clear straightway. "Sounds good - let me know if you pick up any chatter?"

"You mean like how I always do? You know, there are times that I want to make you be in charge of monitoring comms...OH. Did you know we'll be right next to the ruins of the famous Notre-Dame de Paris, which was apparently a must see during the Golden Age. We have to see if it's still standing!" Alex smiled at the unsurprising tangent. "How about we check in with Phedre first before going on any extracurricular field trips. Sound fair?" A sullen pulse of agreement made him chuckle. "Awh, don't be like that, Triv - you know I enjoy taking detours as much as you. But we have an appointment to keep."

"Fine. But we definitely need to check it out, when we get time. I was reading that it was a beautiful structure during the Golden Age - even after having to be reconstructed by the City due to disasters. It was one of the few structures that they maintained the original designs, in so much as they could...meaning that it would pre-date even the Golden Age! Think of what we could find!!"

Alex shook his head, smiling at her eagerness. He swerved around the ruined husks of what seemed to be former vehicles - keeping most of the speed consistent as they closed in on their rally point with the other member of their fireteam.

"Triv, go ahead and see if our friends are here already - if you want to get a chance to check out this other location, we'll need to knock out this retrieval first." The sparrow bounced over a smaller rubble pile, launching itself into the air over a large chasm - what had once been a canal or river, if he had to guess.

Triv toggled over to the public communication channel, broadcasting to any Guardians or Ghosts near them. "This is Trivia, of Fireteam Sabre, broadcasting for sitrep. We are on approach to initial rally point. I repeat, this is Trivia, of Fireteam Sabre, broadcasting for sitrep. If you are in range, please respond."

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Chapter One
Crouching between the remains of two buildings, Calais watched as a figure moved with incredible speed across the urban terrain, clearing vehicles and structures as if they were minor obstacles in her way. Curiosity drove her gaze to follow for as long as she could keep the other Guardian in her view, noting when a jump required more effort and when her speed slowed or increased.

Arc, her constant companion, hovered patiently at her shoulder as the other Guardian moved just out of view. "You and I both know you could keep up if you truly wanted to." When she only smiled in reply and slipped back out to the ruined road to continue their brisk walk through the city, the Ghost pressed, trailing close at her side. "She likely has transportation that could take us back to the Tower. Shall I make contact or do you wish to stalk her for a while longer?"

Calais eyed her Ghost as they walked, plenty content to stick to the overgrown paths that had once been roads. The city had been quiet until this Guardian appeared. The first Guardian they had seen since Calais had been awakened. "Do you know that she can be trusted?" Her steps never slowed. "Are all Guardians allies?"

A stray strand of electricity arc'd around the Ghost's shell, from one point to another, a glitch in his energy source that he’d yet to have repaired. "I'm not sure there's an easy answer to that question.” The Ghost matched her pace. “As I told you before, it has been quite a while since I’ve been back at the City or spent any time with other Guardians. I’ve been quite preoccupied with finding you.” Calais nodded, placing a hand on a fallen tree trunk so she could effortlessly vault over it. When she offered no comment, Arc continued. “In answer to your question, no. There are all types of Guardians and not all of them are good. Though most are in service to the City in one way or another. Though others have pursued goals contrary to that of the City or other Guardians.”

“So, they are just people.” The visor of her helmet dematerialized as she walked so she could meet the ‘eye’ of her Ghost. “I would prefer to be cautious until I understand more about this world and this role that I’ve been thrust into.”

Arc made a soft sound that Calais assumed was meant to mimic a sigh. “Acknowledged. We will wait.” Calais grinned. She knew that Arc was highly motivated to get them both back to the Tower. He had been waiting so long to have a Guardian of his own and had searched actively for a way to get them back the Tower. This had been their first real opportunity. Calais certainly shared her Ghost’s eagerness to visit this Tower. There were to be mentors there who could provide answers to her countless questions. It was at the Tower that she would begin to understand her purpose and cease this period of wandering.

Several buildings later, Calais and Arc paused as a transmission came through. Arc waited a moment before responding. “Shall I respond? It's probably where that other Guardian is heading.” Calais chuckled and adjusted her direction toward the rally point that had shown up as a blinking light in her visor. Arc followed, his tone more resolved. “Or we could check it out first.”