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GM Hammer
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Wed 2 Sep 2020
at 21:28
Dantooine: Jedi Enclave Ruins
About a day later the ship was pulling into orbit around Dantooine.  HK-13 found Elna loading the landing sphere with supplies.
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Mon 4 Jan 2021
at 16:27
Dantooine: Jedi Enclave Ruins
"How may I be of service?"
GM Hammer
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Tue 5 Jan 2021
at 22:28
Dantooine: Jedi Enclave Ruins
"For starters, you can hand me that camouflage netting," Elna said, pointing to the corner.  Elna glared at HK-13 as he handed her the netting.
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Thu 28 Jan 2021
at 20:39
Dantooine: Jedi Enclave Ruins
HK-13 complied.

"I would find it beneficial if we were friends.  Is there anything I can  do to facilitate that?"
GM Hammer
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Fri 29 Jan 2021
at 21:01
Dantooine: Jedi Enclave Ruins
Elna's face softened at this offer of friendship.  "I'm not really mad at you," Elna explained.  "I'm really mad at my grandfather for going on these expeditions without really trying to protect himself.  And at my mother for making me go along with him so he would be protected."

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Thu 11 Feb 2021
at 20:13
Dantooine: Jedi Enclave Ruins
"If it makes you feel any better, he has me now."
GM Hammer
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Fri 12 Feb 2021
at 17:55
Dantooine: Jedi Enclave Ruins
"It would have made me feel better, if you had chosen something other than a concussion rifle."  Even as she said this, HK-13 could perceive a smile breaking across her face.  "Let's just say the jury's still out on you," she concluded.

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Wed 17 Feb 2021
at 17:11
Dantooine: Jedi Enclave Ruins
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GM Hammer
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Thu 18 Feb 2021
at 18:58
Dantooine: Jedi Enclave Ruins
As Elna and HK-13 finished loading the Oculus, Lor arrived.  "Are we ready to go?"

"Indeed we are," Elna replied.

Lor gave a slight smile because he could tell something had changed in Elna's attitude.

The trip down to the planet was short.  After landing, the trio gathered the supplies they could carry from the Oculus and headed off in the direction they believed the ruins to be.  Elna led the way through the plains of Dantooine, making sure to steer the group away from herds of iriaz and kath hounds.  As the sun started to set and the two moons started to rise, Elna halted the group.  "Looks like we're not going to reach the ruins today.  Let's set up camp."  Lor nodded his head in agreement.  Elna removed a mouse droid sized soft package from her pack.  She put it down on the ground, pressed a button on it and it quickly inflated itself into a field shelter.

"HK-13, would you mind standing watch during the night?" Lor asked.