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Fri 29 Mar 2019
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This is a custom world. The PCs have a choice of one of two basic "introductions" to the island (though some customization will be allowed ... in some cases required).

Introduction 1: From the Tri-Islands. PC must be Female, but can start with most any of the Paizo races. Males tend to disappear (sometimes showing up again as undead), so all the Males from the island are NPCs. These PCs are typical inhabitants: merchants, fishermen, farmers, smithies, and so forth. Must be something that fits a "rural  community", but otherwise you're basically open.

Natives start with a pretty good idea of the situation.

Introduction 2: From somewhere else. The PCs can have practically any backgrounds, but they start off washed up on the islands beach. Most likely without any memory/knowledge of how you got there. You will stick out like a sort thumb. But if you want to play that "cool urbanite", this is the only way to do it.

Off-Islanders will be basically clueless about the situation, but can start with more urban-focused skills, feats, etc.

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