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Rules of the Game.

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Wed 3 Apr 2019
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Rules of the Game

Game Rules:
1) Be excellent to each other: This is a team-oriented game, so please be a team player IC and OOC. Inter-character drama is fun, but keep it reasonable and keep IC stuff IC. No fighting, no passive-aggressive nonsense, no antagonism. Basically, don't be a dick. I will not hesitate to boot people from the game for violating this rule.
2) Party on, dudes: I.e., let's have fun! ^_^
3) I make the final call: I am open to player input when it comes to rules questions, story stuff, or anything else, but I get to make the final call because I'm running the game.

Game System:
This game uses the Heroes Accelerated hack of Fate Accelerated. If you are new to the systems, it's probably best to read Fate Accelerated first to learn the basics of the system. The Heroes Accelerated rules just show changes in character creation and stunt options. You can find both systems here:

Character Creation:
Please build a character using the Heroes Accelerated rules. You can start off with three stunts. Try to keep in mind that the spirit of the game is about extraordinary people rather than supers like Captain Marvel (Billy or Carol). Use the examples in the back of the Heroes Accelerated pdf (especially, Arrow's, Captain America's, Iron Man's, and Black Widow's). You can have two power facts to start.

Scenes, Sessions, and Milestones in Play-by-Post:
FAE was designed for playing in person, meaning there will have to be some tweaks for play-by-post. Scenes will work as normal, with the ending of action/things to do being the end of a scene. Sessions and campaigns will have to work a little differently. Instead of having sessions and campaigns, I'll take a television series approach and have "Episodes" and "Seasons." An episode will be the end of a session, with the exception for "once per session powers which will refresh after four scenes for particularly long episodes. The end of a campaign will be the end of a Season. I'll start a new thread for each episode, giving the number and the title (Ex: S1E1: Answering the Call).

Milestones are when your character advances (see p.33-34 of the FAE rulebook). Using Episodes and Seasons also makes Milestones easy. The end of an Episode will be a Minor Milestone. Every three episodes will be a Significant milestone. A Major Milestone will happen at the end of a Season.

Posting Conventions:
Please use the following conventions when posting:
  • Tense: Third person present tense (Batman grabs the crowbar and swings it at Captain Clown!)
  • Dialogue: "Pick a color other than Gray (NPC dialog) or Orange (OOC notes) and stick with it," says the GM.
    • "Bold for yelling!"
    • "Small for whispering..."
    • Italics for thoughts...
  • OOC: Use orange text and make sure to post your rolls (it makes it easier for me to reference than to pull up a bunch of windows)
  • Biography Pt 2: Please use Biography Pt 2 to show how many Fate Points you have left.

Pace of Play:
  • Posting Rate: I'd like to have the posting rate be as close to 1/day as possible. Please let me know if you will have any extended absences in the OOC thread or via PM.
  • Target Numbers(TN) and Approaches: Unless specified, feel free to use any approach for a Target Number, i.e. Defend(TN4). If I list an approach with the TN, that TN is for that particular approach, such as Unlocking a Door (Overcome(TN2 Sneaky)). If you have an idea for another approach, you can ask me in IC to see if it would work for USING THE SAME TN or if I would adjust the TN up by 1 or 2 steps, such as using a Clever approach to disassemble the locking mechanism. If you do not want to wait, you are free to roll ANY approach and increase the TN by 2.
  • (Reserved for future Pace of Play Rules)

Aspects and Boosts:
To make it easier for everyone to see, I'm going to capitalize and embolden aspects and boosts. I'll also use a simple color coding system. I'm going to use Green for aspects/boosts that help the PCs, Red for aspects/boosts that hurt the PCs, and Yellow for aspects that anyone can use. If it has a free invocation, I'll put a * next to it. If it is just a boost that disappears once used, I'll put B next to it.

For example, Black Canary is CUNNINGLY CAMOUFLAGED* as she approaches the MOMENTARILY BLINDEDB Speedy in the DARK AND DIMLY LIT warehouse manned by EAGLE-EYED hired thugs.

Whenever you want to use an aspect or boost, make sure to type it in your post.
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