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The World of Cape Haven

Like Gotham City or Metropolis, Cape Haven is a city that exists in the Present Day, USA, but without the specifics. It lies somewhere on the Southeastern coast, but not in a particular state. It faces similar social issues of today, but without the specifics of current events. It has state of the art technology, but leaves room for advanced technology, the supernatural, and the strange. It is a living setting, and one with room to grow from OOC suggestions or IC developments...

City Layout:

City Proper:
  • The Towers: The business and financial district of town, filled with skyscrapers and expensive high-rise housing. This is where the rich go to work and play. Notable features are the T Corporation HQ, and the Gilded Spire-a tower of expensive condominiums.
  • Liberty Square: Home of City Hall, the Courthouse, and the cityís parks and museums.
  • Sunrise Cliffs: The wealthy residential area of Cape Haven. Named for the cliffs that overlook the coastline, and home of mansions and gated communities.
  • Paupersí Row: Cape Havenís slums. There is not much here but dense rows of dilapidated apartments mixed with derelict buildings. This is where the down and out end up if theyíre lucky...
  • The Docks: Cape Haven's docks are some of the busiest on the Atlantic coast. Ships carrying passengers and cargo from all over the world visit them...

Surrounding Areas:
  • Ratcliffe Isle: This is a maximum security prison located on an island off the coast of Cape Haven. This is a place where the worst of the worst are held, from serial killers to mob bosses...
  • The Boonies: The nickname given to the rural area that lies outside Cape Havenís city limits. It includes several unincorporated cities, farm sprawl, and abandoned houses. It also serves as a useful base of operation for those who wish to stay out of sight from those in power...
  • Camp Griffin: A joint base maintained by the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Airforce. It serves as a training facility as well as a testing ground for experimental weapons and hardware. Little that goes on there ever gets told to the general public...

Foes and Corrupt Elements:
  • The Houses: The Houses are Cape Haven's organized crime groups. Some of them have existed since the early colonial years, while others are relatively new. However, almost nothing happens in Cape Haven without the knowledge of one of the Heads of Households...
  • The Kreepz: The Kreepz are a street gang that took the Creepy Clown phenomenon of the early 21st Century and turned it up to 11. Notorious as agents of chaos, they are involved in everything from vandalism to violent crimes.

People of Note:
  • Black Steel: Mysterious vigilante who started fighting crime by night. He was given the name by the papers because he always dressed in black, and appears to wear some form of metallic armor. He appears to fight using close quarters martial arts, and sidearms using rubber bullets. He wears a helmet that fully covers his face, and his voice is masked using a scrambler.
  • Tabitha Thomas: The wealthiest woman in Cape Haven, Tabitha Thomas is the founder of the T Corporation. It is one of the largest employers in Cape Haven, with several of the businesses in the city being its subsidiaries. Ms. Thomas is one of the cityís favorite citizens due to her philanthropy and investment in Cape Haven projects, but it is rumored that she may be connected to her competitorsí misfortunes.

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