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Kindred of Milan

Name: Lion Corradino
Mask: Authoritarian
Dirge: Provacator
Clan: Julii
Bloodline: None
Covenant: Old Invictus

Physical Appearance: He is a man of unassuming height but his build is strong and defined, his skin has some color to it despite his undead state while one of his eyes is nearly a faded grey and the other an almost unnatural yellow brought on by his lacking humanity. His hair is medium in length, dark in color and somewhat messy in appearance. He has several noticeable scars from lifetimes of battle, proficiently he has one across one of his eyes and another running along his jaw.

What we know: little is known about Lion prior to him bringing the Invictus to Milan and becoming Duke if they city more then a millennium ago. During his reign he was supposed by the powerful Kindred in France and later the Courts of Love. He plunged the Kindred into endless conflicts with one another keeping the one time heart of Kindred society deceased as he never missed an opportunity for a conflict.

In time though his patrons began to pull back while an alliance of Kindred brought together by the first Doge of Venice Antonio Paulo began to push back the Duke. Without support and abandoned by his allies he prepared a final stand in Milan where he was in turn betrayed by then Bishop Gavin Giovanni. Subsequently Gavin was promoted to the rank of Cardinal while he stored away the Dukes torpid body for his own uses.

Name: Severino Liuzzi
Mask: Cult Leader
Dirge: Collector
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Blood Brothers
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum

Physical Appearance: he is slightly taller then the average man with a solid but not overly muscular build, his skin is pale and his eyes nearly black. He keeps his medium length hair fairly neat although it does hand low. Shortly after Gavin fled from Milan he appeared to keep his whole face bandaged revealing only his eyes.

As the Priest of the Dracon his flesh and body have been grafted and twisted, his skin taking on a mild red coloration as the flesh is stretched toughly across his body. He frequently has several arms and perhaps most predominantly is a crown of bone and flesh resting atop his head.

What we know: he was Gavin’s right hand in the city but kept a distance from politics and became de facto leader of the cities Sanctified. Personally he tends towards near starvation as a means of paying penance giving his pale skin an unhealthy sheen and his eyes a crimson undertone. Since Gavin’s departure he has lead the Sanctified into seclusion allowing the other factions in the city to fight for supremacy.

Name: The Dracon (The Holy Spirit in Constantinople)
Mask: Follower
Dirge: Scholar
Clan: Nosferatu
Bloodline: Blood Brothers
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum

Physical Appearance: the true appearance of the Dracon is lost even to himself such is his mastery over the craft of flesh. Typically he is a man of unassuming stature and rather lean build with pale skin and rather blank eyes. His hair is short and well kept typically and red in colorations.

What we know: the Dracon was the Bishop of Constantinople and worked with a pair of Elders to form what was referred to as the trinity. The trinity grew difunctional following the final death of one of its members. It is said that a great darkness looked over the city following that event leading the Dracon into a self imposed exile where he traveled across Europe visiting the isolated holy places leaving a trace of himself everywhere he went while patriotically returning to his home city.

Following the sack of Constantinople the Dracon grew melancholy making a tomb for himself in the hinterlands around Milan. He hoped to sleep away the ages but in time his tomb was discovered by Gavin and his knowledge used by the ambitious Elder.
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Tue 17 Sep 2019
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The Crypteia
Unlike any other Clan the Ventrue maintain bonds that should in theory take precedence over their oaths to their Covenant and cities although the reality is seldom so clean. Regardless of the case none can deny the Lords inclinations to lead their fellow Kindred and by extension bring power to the clan. This of course is not a natural thing for Kindred but the Ventrue have long held their Clan together through the Crypteia. The shadowy group that maintains the Clans internal structure is thought to have gone out of practice as the need for what amounts to secret police has all but died out. Of course the Crypteia still exists intervening where it must among the feuds among the Lords and as a whole keeping the Clan strong.

Name: Ciro Dregan
Mask: Courtesan
Dirge: Monster
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: None

Physical Appearance: he is a tall yet gloomy looking man with a lean build, far more a thinker then a fighter. His skin is fair and free of blemish thanks to his mastery of the Resilience Discipline. His hair is long running past his shoulder cutting off midway to the elbow and white like his eyes his form adopting something from his inhuman form.

What we know: he is the unquestioned ruler of the Crypteia and one of the most powerful Ventrue in the world by extension. His ancestry is ambiguous as he has claimed to be the Childe of multiple Ventrue over the centuries of his Requiem. He rules from the city of Oslo and there he determines what makes a Ventrue worthy of a claim to the blood of the Lords.

Name: Cazimir Ionescu
Mask: Scholar
Dirge: Questioner
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus

Physical Appearance: he stands with unassuming height and a lean but strong build, his skin is pale and riddled with several significant scars including the loss of one of his eyes. His hair is long and neatly kept dark like a ravens feather. His remaining eye is a reflexive blue where he often wears a calm expression.

What we know: he served as a retainer to Ciro for centuries conquering several cities in the northern ends of Europe on behalf of the Lords before earning a place in the Crypteia. The years of wars left him with his scars and for two centuries he has focused on politics and Kindred statecraft.

Name: Talon Catala
Mask: Idealist
Dirge: Follower
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus

Physical Appearance: he is a young man, slightly taller then most with fair skin, his hair is somewhat short although messy and brown in coloration as are his eyes. He dresses fairly practically despite his position and often enjoys flaunting his strong build.

What we know: he is the quintessential Ventrue solider proud and resilient, he is the broodmate of Cazimir and served the ladder in his conquest. Now he is the hammer of the Crypteia, traveling frequently to deal with those unworthy of the blood of the Lords.

Name: Natalia Turgenev
Mask: Courtesan
Dirge: Conspirator
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Ordo Dracul

Physical Appearance: she is a meek looking women with a pale complexion and a near constant serious expression on her face as she adorns herself in business clothing. Her hair is short by female standards but well kept, both her hair and eyes are dark in coloration.

What we know: having only recently gotten involved in the affairs of the Crypteia she has nevertheless risen through its ranks quickly. She is the Childe of Ciro and some believe of some relation to Cazimir and Talon. As much an academic as she is a politician she has ties to the Ordo Dracul but her role is unclear. Her most prominent post is as an advisor to Serena the Second whom she is still in contact with.
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