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       Levels: Every time you level up you gain 5 [Stat Points] to distrbute
Cap 600

       Damage: the higher the stat level the more damage you deal.
Cap 500

       Defense: the higher the stat level the more HP you have.
Cap 500

       Mana: the higher the stat level the more Mana you gain.
Cap 500

       Hp Regen: the higher the stat level the more HP you Regen every 10 seconds.
Cap 500

       Mana Regen: The higher the stat level the more Mana you Regen every 5 seconds.
Cap 500

       Spell Speed: The higher the stat level is the faster the spell is and the less you must chant upon reaching cap you do not have to chant at all to cast magic.
Cap 500

       Skills: Skills can either be the standard default Skills, Obtainable skills as in [Common Skill] [Uncommon Skill] [Rare Skill] [Epic Skill] or [Legendary Skill] or it can be a [Unique Skill].

       Unique Skills: Are skills that are not reset after death and are permanent to gain a [Unique Skill] the Falren system must create the skill based on your previous accomplishments and your weapons of choice.

       Falren System: Is Draken Day Online's main system that can make judgments of its own without human input, it is also programmed to randomize the stages from the 1 thousand premade stages the levels of the entities in that stage will be scaled to the appropriate level for that stage, The Falren System is also in charge of creating and enacting events, the Falren system is also programmed to be able to destroy the entire game world during an event upon this happening Draken Day's world will reset while all player data is kept.

       Reset Upon Death: When you die your Stats Skills and Level will be reset to default setting the only thing that does not reset are [Epic Skills] and up you will gain a debuff that increases in effect the more you die without treating the debuff called [Death's Mark] to cure [Death's Mark] you must either last hit a boss or use an item called [Death's Remorse] which can be obtained from enemies and chests on [Stage 150] and up.

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