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Those Who Carry the Planet's Will (Character Creation)

Bloody Mary, Revolutionary Leader
"It isn't just the Planet that's suffering. People all over the New World are being crushed beneath the boot of Medical Mechanika. When I was a little girl they had Black Guard thugs threaten my Father when he wouldn't sell our farm. One day I came home to find my house on fire, and my parents murdered in cold blood. The Constable told me it was probably a gang of Demi-Humans responsible, but I knew the truth. I swore on that day to make sure every heartless bastard from Medical Mechanika pays for their crime with blood."

What Am I?
You, my wonderful friend, are an Elemental Scion. What that means is that at some point in your life you were exposed to a lethal amount of Raw Anima. Raw Anima is highly toxic, and kills most people exposed to it. You should have died, in fact if there were any witnesses they would have expected you to die.

So you are probably asking yourself how did you survive? Well Anima isn't just magical oil. It is the Lifeblood of the Planet. Terminus isn't just a planet, think of it more like an Elder God, and the world is it's body. Don't think of the Planet as Gaea from Captian Planet though. The Planet is more like Lavos from Chrono Trigger. When you interact with Raw Anima, you are really exposing yourself to the essence of an Elder God. The Planet can sense things through Anima, and whenever someone is exposed to it, the Planet has a moment where it examines the person. Most of the time, it doesn't care for what it sees, and just lets the person die to the exposure. But sometimes, it will see something it likes, and will save the person from a painful death.

When you were exposed to Raw Anima (however that was, I will give some suggestions below), the moment you were poisoned, you had a vision. This vision is of your own making, because the Planet does not have a solid face or voice. It pulls whatever is in your concious to communicate with you. Perhaps it was a hallucination of your dead wife, or your idealized vision of a God. The Spirit of the Planet would then talk with you, and tell you what it wants from you. This should be one of your Facts. This experience/event is called the "Planet's Cry".

Humans and Dwarves would almost never willfully expose themselves to Anima Poisoning. It would either be an accident, or a suicide attempt. It is a painful and slow death either way. Think of it as a Factory Accident, or perhaps a manufacturing error in some Magitech you were using. This is easy to imagine if you are a Slave or Indentured Servant. If you are a Freeman, think of a possible assassination attempt on you. Raw Anima can be used like radiation poisoning to kill political enemies of Medical Mechanika. Someone could have spiked your drink, or something to shut you up.

Elves go through rituals that use Raw Anima. This is because Elves have a slight resistance to it. They can still die from it though in large enough doses. They expose themselves to go on hallucinogenic journeys in order to gain deeper insight. The most religious will even get Anima Tattoos that glow with power (this is done with Refined Anima though). These tattoos will glow, and make Elves look like Moonsilver Tattooed Lunars. Some elves will take their ritualistic Anima use too far on purpose. They know that the only way to speak to the Planet is to go to the edge of death. Many die, but some become Scions.

Reptite can only inherit Scion powers. This is unique to them, because they are completely immune to Anima Poisoning, so they can't experience the Planet's Cry. Reptite will only be born Dragon-Blooded (what they call Scions), about 1/10 births if the Bloodline is kept pure. This means even if 2 Dragon-Blooded Reptites have children, only 1/10 of them will be Scions.

Anima Poisoning
"Anima is a magical substance located beneath the Earth's crust. Think of it as magical oil. It powers all the crazy Magitech stuff we will encounter in this setting. Every device you see in the world will require a fuel known as Refined Anima. Refined Anima is mostly safe, unless you try to drink it, or inject it into your body in some way. It looks like the Whale Oil in Dishonored, so google image that if you want an idea. If Refine Anima is gasoline, then Raw Anima is more like crude oil. It is toxic to the touch, and can quickly kill someone if they are exposed. It gives off fumes that cause lung sickness, and it can lead to magical hallucinations. If you were to fall into a pool of Raw Anima, you would be dead 99% of the time. The 1% become Scions."

So What Can I Do?
This next section will just be copy/paste from the main rulebook. After that I will go over the extra abilities available to your character. These will be racial/background specific. This part will be stuff for any type of character in this game.

The Powers of Scions
Each one is automatically bound to the Word of their particular subtype: Fire, Sea, Sky, Earth, or Fertility. Aside from this mandatory Word, a Scion may bond to other Words of their choice with their remaining two picks during character generation, or later on as they accumulate more experience. These Words do not need to be elemental in nature, and can be chosen from any available Words.

While flexible in their choices, Scions can learn only lesser gifts from the Words they bind, and can use miracles only with their original elemental Word, and those only to mimic lesser gifts or to offensively or defensively dispel relevant effects. Once they reach sixth level, they can start purchasing greater gifts of their primary elemental Word and use miracles to replicate this Word's greater gifts.

Traits and Limits of Scions
Scions of a realm often have the Incandescent Power trait, manifesting their elemental nature more dramatically the more overt Effort is put into their powers. At its strongest level, these insignia can be hazardous for those next to the scion who aren't immune to their elemental Word; each adjacent friend or foe in melee range suffers 1d4 damage from the insignia at the start of the scion's turn. Elemental scions are all immune to each others' insignia, regardless of type.

Scions find it harder to produce the large-scale, long-term effects that other Godbound can conjure. Scions cannot use Influence or Dominion to create Impossible changes in the world. These reality-defying changes are simply beyond their power to enact, so great deeds usually require them to pile up enough lesser alterations until their desired end becomes merely Improbable instead of Impossible. In line with this limited transcendence, Scions do not develop the gifts of the Apotheosis Word, or form cults, or gain the self-generating Dominion of a free divinity, though they gain normal Dominion rewards for heroic deeds. In compensation, however, they do not need to spend Dominion in order to advance in character levels.

Scions In Your Campaign
Scions are weaker than conventional Godbound, and this can be a potential problem if you want to run them alongside Exemplars or Proteans. Still, they're not dramatically weaker, and a Scion who focuses on their primary elemental Word can be a worthy contributor to the deeds of a pantheon of true demigods.

One way to avoid this complication entirely is to run an all-Scion campaign, where all the PCs are elemental Scions and other forms of Godbound are antagonists or potential allies. If their dealings come to violence, a pantheon of Scions is fully capable of taking down even a veteran Godbound thanks to their superior numbers and larger total Effort reserves. If a GM does pit such a pantheon against other Godbound, it's advised that you build the Godbound as conventional major enemies as described in the bestiary chapter. Without straight damage, multiple attacks, and lots of hit dice, an NPC Godbound may not make much of a solo opponent to a full pantheon of Scions.

Along with the Words above, you can choose the Desert and Winter Words from the Lexicon, as your Elemental Word.

You are also now immune to Anima Poisoning, although you wouldn't necessarily want to bathe in it.

When you sleep you no longer have normal dreams. Instead you enter the Lifestream. The Lifestream is sort of like an Astral Plane. Think of it like the Void in Dishonored, mixed with the Dream worlds in Bloodborne and Hollow Knight. Only dead things exist in the Lifestream, you will encounter the memories of the dead, and can interact with them. The Spirit of the Planet will also sometimes interact with you in the Lifestream. Think of it like a progress report. You are always lucid in the Lifestream, but sometimes you can get lost in a memory for what feels like a long time. You will also sometimes encounter each other in the Lifestream, so expect the game to sometimes enter the Lifestream in a Scene.

As well as that, please take a look at the racial trait table below, and apply to your character.

Racial Traits
RaceTrait NameDescription
HumanCybernetic AdaptationYou gain two integration points, as described in the Cybernetics section of this chapter. If you're a newly-made PC, you can pick two points of already-implanted cyber to start play. This is Optional.
HumanKnow the TypePick a trade or social class, such as merchants, nobles, sailors, farmers, slaves, or the like. You can find a friendly and helpful member of that class whenever they gather.
DwarfCybernetic AdaptationSee Above. Again Optional.
DwarfProfessional ExptertiesPick a specific profession. Whenever you roll attribute checks related to it, roll twice and take the better result.
AlfarLegacy/Mind SpeechYou have an intuitive ability to communicate telepathically with anyone you can see, regardless of conventional language barriers. If you've spent at least a week in the company of a person, you can contact them even when out of sight, provided they're within 500 feet of you.
AlfarLesser Old-School AbilityYou gain one class ability or special perk from another class of their choice drawn from another old-school game. Repelling Undead, a knight's ability to heal with a touch, monastic disease immunity or the like may be selected. See the following pages for details on this talent. This is meant to be like D&D Drow ability to cast Faerie Fire or something like that. Nothing too crazy. It is based on your Tribe/Clan's culture.
ReptiteLegacy/Natural WeaponYou possess some impressive natural weapon, such as retractable claws, razor-sharp teeth, or a massive shell-plated fist. If the weapon is retractable or concealable, it does 1d8 damage on a hit. Larger, unconcealable body weaponry does 1d10. You may use either Strength or Dexterity to modify the weapon's hit roll and damage. Even if the weapon is concealable, you still bear some mark of your legacy.
ReptiteLegacy/Tough HideWhether through an exceptionally resilient skin or uncanny agility, you have a base armor class of 5. You gain no benefit from wearing armor of equal or worse AC, but shields still help you.

What Else?
There are a few more extras that I am still creating. The first is a new Word that will function like the Apothesis Word. It will be mostly about combining your abilities to greater affect, similar to the Teamwork Charms that Dragon-Blooded have access to in Exalted. As well as an Elemental Shintai Form you will have access to at level 4.

I also want to make a system similar to Resonance that will kick in if you don't work toward saving the Earth fast enough. Basically the easiest path to saving Terminus will involve the deaths of a lot of innocent people. You will have to make hard choices in this game, and in order to make sure you don't back down on that I want a system that will force your hand sometimes and invite drama. Refusing the destroy an Anima Engine because it'll cut power to a hospital, may cause your powers to burst forth unconciously. If you were a Fertility Scion this could be something like plantlife growing uncontrollably in the middle of a city. It would invite unwanted attention, and could lead to more deaths then simply blowing up the Engine would have.

These are still under construction so bare with me. And if there is anything else you think I'm missing, please send me a PM.

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Character Sheet
Character Name
HP8 / 8
Fray Die1d8
Level/ BAB1
Spent Dom.0
Unspent Dom0
Max Effort3 (1 S, 2 O)

Effort Commitment
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open
    Colored Effort is Overt.

Ability Scores
Strength10+#Check  #+
Dexterity10+#Check  #+
Constitution10+#Check  #+
Intelligence10+#Check  #+
Wisdom10+#Check  #+
Charisma10+#Check  #+
Base Scores:

*15-stat (-1 per level past 1)


Gift1d10?????? ft.Magical
Divine Wrath1d8/lvN/AVisualCE (Day) Miracle; Smite
Corona of Fury1d8/2 lvN/AVisualCE (Day) Miracle; Smite; 30-ft radius; if you selectively spare allies, enemies get a saving throw to avoid
*Damage Conversion: 1=0 damage; 2-5= 1 damage; 6-9= 2 damage; 10+= 4 damage
*Reminder: Add Level + Stat mod to HIT, add Stat Mod to one die of a damage roll. Resolve dice individually based on conversion.

Bound Words
Word of CreationBinding Effect

Lesser GiftsWordActionEffect
Greater GiftsWordActionEffect

Low Magic Abilities/Theurgy/Lesser Strife/Traits

Notable Possessions


<Serif><u><large><large><large><smallcaps>Character Name </smallcaps></large></large></large></u> <Small>
|! HP         | 8 / 8
|! AC         | 0
|! Fray Die   | 1d8
|! Level/ BAB | 1
|! Influence  | 2
|! Dominion   | 0
|! Spent Dom. | 0
|! Unspent Dom| 0
|! Dom/Month  | 0
|! Experience | 0
|! Wealth     | 0
|! Max Effort | 3 (1 S, 2 O)

<smallcaps><u>Effort Commitment</u></smallcaps>[list]
[*] Open
[*] <Seagreen>Open</Seagreen>
[*] <Seagreen>Open</Seagreen>
Colored Effort is Overt.</small>

<smallcaps><u>Ability Scores</u></smallcaps>
|! Strength     | 10 | +# | Check  #+ |
|! Dexterity    | 10 | +# | Check  #+ |
|! Constitution | 10 | +# | Check  #+ |
|! Intelligence | 10 | +# | Check  #+ |
|! Wisdom       | 10 | +# | Check  #+ |
|! Charisma     | 10 | +# | Check  #+ |
Base Scores:

|! Hardiness | 15+ |
|! Evasion   | 15+ |
|! Spirit    | 15+ |
*15-stat (-1 per level past 1)

[*] [/list]

|! Attack         |! Dmg   |! Ability|! Range |! Notes|
| Unarmed         |  1d2   | Str/Dex | Melee  |
| Gift            | 1d10   | ???     | ??? ft.| Magical
| Divine Wrath    | 1d8/lv | N/A     | Visual | CE (Day) Miracle; Smite
| Corona of Fury  | 1d8/2 lv | N/A   | Visual | CE (Day) Miracle; Smite; 30-ft radius; if you selectively spare allies, enemies get a saving throw to avoid
*Damage Conversion: 1=0 damage; 2-5= 1 damage; 6-9= 2 damage; 10+= 4 damage
*Reminder: Add Level + Stat mod to HIT, add Stat Mod to one die of a damage roll. Resolve dice individually based on conversion.

<smallcaps><u>Bound Words</u></smallcaps>
|! Word of Creation |! Binding Effect |
|             |  |
|             |  |
|             |  |

|! Lesser Gifts         |! Word   |! Action |! Effect
| Gift                  | Word    | Action  | Effect
| Gift                  | Word    | Action  | Effect
| Gift                  | Word    | Action  | Effect
|! Greater Gifts        |! Word   |! Action |! Effect
| Gift                  | Word    | Action  | Effect
| Gift                  | Word    | Action  | Effect
|! Strife               |! Word   |! Action |! Effect
| Gift                  | Word    | Action  | Effect
| Gift                  | Word    | Action  | Effect

<smallcaps><u>Low Magic Abilities/Theurgy/Lesser Strife/Traits</u></smallcaps>[list]
[*] [/list]

<smallcaps><u>Notable Possessions</u></smallcaps>[list]
[*] [/list]


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