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Thu 19 Sep 2019
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[INFO] Corinthi Cluster Legend

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[INFO] Corinthi Cluster Legend
  • Blue = Federation Space
  • Green = Romulan Space
  • Red Slash = Abaddon Path
  • Orange Speckles: Hellsmouth (Impassible)
  • White Circles: Signs of high amounts of warp activity
  • Pink: Unknown Territory
    Ferengi Addendum: Vauglilaox Syndicate. Great guys, you should definitely visit them first. Tell them I sent you!"
  • Green: Unknown Territory
    Ferengi Addendum: Orbis Customer Synergies. Competition."
  • Orange: Unknown Territory
    Ferengi Addendum: Xanid Suzerainty. Perfect customers but won't let me land or resupply. Jerks."

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