[OOC] Ship's Roster (Supporting Character Discussion)   Posted by Universe.Group: 0
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Tue 16 Apr 2019
at 01:13
[OOC] Ship's Roster (Supporting Character Discussion)
This is a place to talk shop about supporting characters you'd like to bring in. Assuming they survive the adventure I'll add them to the ship's NPC list.

You can also request supporting characters via PM as well.

Once a supporting character survives and returns to the ship it will be put into a pool and can be selected by any player that so desires. This will be places to talk publicaly about how to roleplay or use them as well.
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Fri 19 Apr 2019
at 03:06
[OOC] Ship's Roster (Supporting Character Discussion)
As an alternative to custom building a supporting character the books provide pre-built characters built around certain specialties. As I read through the books I'll note them here:

Command - Diplomatic Aide (Com pg. 116)
Command - EVA Specialist (Com pg. 117)
Command - Junior Bridge Officer (Com pg. 118)
Command - Legal Counsel (Com pg. 118)
Command - Shuttle Pilot (Com pg. 119)
Operations - Security Officer (Ops pg. 93)
Operations - Engineer's Mate (Ops pg. 94)
Science - Geologist (Sci pg. 122)
Science - Anthropologist/Historian (Sci pg. 123)
Science - Grad Student (Sci pg. 123)
Science - Lab Tech (Sci pg. 124)
Science - Nurse (Sci pg. 125)
Science - Triage Nurse (Sci pg. 126)
Science - Anesthesiologist (Sci pg. 126)
Science - Programmer (Sci pg. 128)
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Thu 10 Oct 2019
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[OOC] Ship's Roster (Supporting Character Discussion)
Okay, I came up with basic ideas for some more Red Shirts:

Operations - Security Team Alpha
Xiuying, Yap Chief Petty Officer Human - Female
Akinjide, Chuma - Crewman 1st Class Human - Male
B'rshh - Crewman 1st Class Caitian - Female
Jek, Mi-kan - Crewman 1st Class Katarian - Male

What do you think? I can do a little more work on them if that would be helpful.