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Thu 11 Apr 2019
at 04:42
Reflex: Determines the number of Twitches you can take per Turn.
Roll for: Running, shooting, feats of manual dexterity

Tactics: Determines how much equipment you can carry per Mission. (beyond the "free" slots for sidearm and primary weapon).
Roll for: Anything using advanced equipment, feats of perception, intelligence or awareness

Tradecraft (optional 'RPG Mode'): Determines the number of Assets you can tap per Mission.
Roll for: Stealth, infiltration, or social skills

Valor: Determines the number of Grazes you get per Mission.
Roll for: Resisting injury or Sanity loss

Agents can assign four points at Outset (five if in 'RPG Mode' and using Tradecraft), assigning them as they like but with a maximum of 3 points in any one score. The absolute maximum for any Potential is 5.

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