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Thank you for the interest in this game!  I've run a few different games on RPOL with mixed success.  I hope this one will be a game that lasts, and that all parties will enjoy it.  This thread is meant to be a catch-all for the rules of the game; expectations of players themselves; and the sort of game I hope to run.

We're using the 'revised' edition of the Woodland Warrior game rules, found here. The rules contain 'Teller' only information but reading it will not impeed yoour enjoyment of the Quests to come.  In short, the rules are a lot like pre-first edition Dungeons and Dragons (called Chainmail) and are quite simple to use.  The major changes are that the rules only use d6, and the races and classes are based on anthropomorphised animals.
House Rules:
Instead of using rolled attributes, players can elect to use this array:  15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.  Wealth needs to be rolled regardless of of if the array is used or not.

For Hit Points, players can elect to roll them, or take half of the maximum roll (rounded up) before CON modifiers instead. This option is only usable for first level.

Though I haven't seen the animated series, Redwall was a series of books by Brian Jacques I read as a child and enjoyed.  Woodland Warriors is clearly based on these stories.  That said, I want to give it a bit of a darker tone, as found in the Mouseguard series .  To a lesser extent, S.A. Patrick's 'A Darkness of Dragons' and J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' have also had some determinable influence in the Quests and Rogues I hope to present to the players.

There are a few initial conceits which I want to take advantage of in order to bring a group of strangers together and meld them into a team.  Once you've skimmed the rules and the inspiration for the game, quite clearly these might be guessed.

First, the characters are all working for Stonewell Abbey and are generally good, though they might have a few quirks that prevent them being perfect.  Among the characters I'm hoping to see there will be no mass-murderers, remorseless con-men, necromancers, or individuals seeking to craft one ring to rule them all.  Second, the characters will have a vested interest in supporting the Abbey and keeping its good name, in spreading goodness throughout the land.  They will be, in short, classic heroes (though not without a sense of self-preservation).  Third, the laws of physics of the game are such as to preclude, somehow magically, any adult content from managing to sneak into the game. Weirdly, sex only happens when the lights are off, both parties consent, and everyone is looking elsewhere... and even then, neither party refers to their lovemaking again except under those same conditions. Odd that, right?

Perhaps, by listing what I am not looking for, I can be clearer in what I seek.  I am not looking for tacticians, war-gamers or min-maxers.  Frankly, Role-playing is much more preferable to me than accurate battle-maps and a faithful record of how many arrows are in a quiver at any one time (Rumors about my lazy DM'ing are highly under-reported).

I am also not looking to create a faithful reproduction of any of the material listed as inspiration. I believe there is a Mouseguard RPG which is fairly good, and Redwall already has a bunch of adventures to its name.  I want to create, and respond to the creations of others, to make something new and interesting.  It is the newness and difference to other fantasy settings which interests me the most. Without dragons, what are the apex monsters of Woodland Warriors?  If not giant rats, what can I fill the first dungeon with? E.t.c.

What I would like is a game I can enjoy, fairly pacey and not belaboured by rules but not free-form and without a structure.  Players can expect simple situational adventures, short dungeon crawls and plot clearly signposted.  That said, I also want the Players to be proactive.  If Xavier the Mole wants to create a school for gifted mice, then that should be the focus of one (or more) quests, in my opinion.

Assuming you are as familiar with, or more familiar than I with RPOL and its functions, I'll leave aside the instructions for hitting the 'Send an RTJ' button right now and instead focus on how to make me make you part of the game.

1.  At least skim the rules first so that you have some idea of a character concept.  For what I envision, we will need someone who can fight well; Someone who can persuade others and socialise pretty well, and someone what can do magic (like a wizard!). These are not the limits of what I'm looking for, but the basics. As RTJ's come in, I'll adjust this list.
So far, I have applications for...
Dormouse Friar
Badger Warrior
Raccoon Wizard
Otter Scout
Hedgehog Wayfairer
Squirrel Warrior

2.  Write the concept as a paragraph or two and include some sort of 'hook' to their past that I can use to punish engage them in a Quest or involve them in some personal way. I don't need a detailed family tree nor a dark secret form everyone.  But the odd 'I'm in love with Bob' or 'Bob killed my uncle' hooks are pretty easy to use.

3.  Write a post, pitting your character in some scenario or other where I can see them and how they'd play in the game.  Pit them against powerful foes like snakes or an owl, or the dishes.  I don't mind - I want to make sure I can read what you write and like what you write.

4.  Be patient and let me mull over an rtj for a few hours.  Sadly, I have a life outside of Roleplaying too that I have to deal with.

5.  Any questions for me, pop them in your RTJ and I'll get to them asap.

Thanks again for reading my game post and hope to see you soon.

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