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The world so far
Oerth is a big world, out of it the biggest known continent is Oerik. But only the Northeaestern part of Oerik is inhabited by civilized peoples. This region is known as the Flanaess.

Most of the party members will come from the Wild Coast. Outside of that you only know of other places by hearsay and the occasional news that have reached the area. As you get to explore other places and regions, you'll learn more and more news.

Our adventure starts in Verbobonc a small viscounty within Veluna's borders.

The Current Year is 569 CY, during the month of Patchwall.

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The Wild Coast
For centuries the western coast of the Woolly Bay has been a poor and marginal area, home to the dispossessed and the the persecuted.

Centuries ago, the great Kingdom founded cities to exploit the local mines. Later the Kingdom of Ulek took possession of the area and petty nobles began ruling zones as their personal fiefs and constantly squabbling over resources. However, as the mines dried up, the Ulek nobles began feuding over the area of Pomarj at the southern peninsula, as it is the only area with enough significant resources left, leaving behind abandoned ghost towns.

Then, about fifty years ago, orcish hordes took over the mines in Pomarj. As a result Ulek has lost all interest in the Wild Coast, rendering the survivors helpless and vulnerable to humanoid incursions.

You grew in this desolated area. Be it in a farm in the middle of nowhere, or in a lawless walled town where corruption and crime run rampant.

Humans on the Wild Coast are more likely to have Suloise as their mother tongue, though Dwarven, Elven and Common are also widespread languages due to the high proportion of refugees from across the Flanaess.

Towns in the Wild Coast
  • Narwell
  • Safeton
  • Fax
  • Badwall
  • Elredd.- The biggest town in the Wild Coast with about 8400 inhabitants

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Viscounty of Verbobonc
The Viscounty of Verbobonc is across the Gnarley Forest. Rumors tell that it is a rich place from trade and the mines they hold.

The travelers tell that a big battle has just taken place in Verbobonc, five armies joined to fight a huge horde of orcs and other humanoids. The combat lasted for days and the battlefield is still ripe for looting.

They also say that a garrison from the free City of Greyhawk stayed behind in a small village close to the hills.

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The free City of Greyhawk
Travelers tell of the Free City of Greyhawk. It is across the Bay where three rivers cross. The City is prosperous and rich, inhabited by free people that have no fear of humanoid incursions.

It is also said that four years ago a man from the Wild Coast rose to fame in Greyhawk and was named Lord. They say that Lord Robilar has taken part in the Battle that just finished.