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In the Wild Coast you are most likely to know and worship Flan and Suel deities. Remember this is not the FR. Everybody pays respect to all deities when it is appropriate, even priests of a given deity.

Beory (N)
Mother of Oerth, goddess of Nature and Rain. Her clergy consists of Druids.

Boccob (N)
God of Magic, knowledge and balance

Incabulus (NE)
God of disaster and suffering

Nerull (NE)
God of Death, Darkness and the Underworld.

Pelor (NG)
God of the Sun and Light.

Rao (LG)
God of Peace, Reason and Serenity

Suel Gods

Kord (CG)
God of Courage, Strength and Brawling

Lendor (LN)
God of Study, Patience and Serenity

Wee Jas (LN)
God of Magic, Death and Law

Beltar (CE)
Petty Goddess of Caves and Pits.

Dak (CG)
God of Portals, Keys and locks.

Fortubo (LG)
God Guardian of Mountains and Metals.

Jaxcar (LG)
God of Hills and Mountains

Llerg (CN)
God of Beasts and Strength

Lydia (NG)
Goddess of Music, Lore and the Dawn

Norebo (CN)
God of luck, gambling and risk-taking

Osprem (LN)
Goddess of ships, voyages and sailors

Phaulkon (CG)
God of the skies, birds and archers

Phyton (CG)
God of Farmers and Nature

Pyremius (NE)
God of Fire,  Poison and Murder

Syrul (NE)
God of Deceit, Lies and Treachery

Vatun (CN)
God of Winter and Cold.

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This god doesn't answer prayers, could be dead

Xerbo (N)
God of Sailors and Business

Flan Gods

Obad-Hai (N)
God of Nature, woodlands and Beasts

Allitur (LG)
God of Ethics

Zodal (NG)
God of Mercy, Hope and Benevolence

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