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Thu 8 Apr 2021
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If you are interested in applying for the campaign please provide a brief description of your character. In it include your choice of Ancestry, Class, Archetype as well as a summary of your background and personality. If you have a couple concepts you’d like to submit you are interested in playing, that is great as well and both would be considered for one of the available slots.

I have a couple ‘core rules’ I’d like to over. One is please be kind to both your fellow players and GM. Everyone is here to write some fun, narrative fantasy. It might seem like common sense, but I’ve had a couple players in the past that are the reason I mention that. The second is that if you do have an issue with someone or something I’ve ruled in-game, please send it to me in a private message ‘backstage’. We can discuss it and come to a resolution without drama.

Once accepted, please pick a color for your dialogue- that will be used for both your post’s dialogue and as the color of your ‘token’ on the combat map. Also, please find and select a portrait as well as adding a brief description of your character’s apperance.

I will be using the variant rule ‘Free Archetype’ to offer greater flexibility and options for the players.

Thus far the party composition is:


Update: Recruiting is now closed again.
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