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This is an "all-purpose" section which will cover any and all GM Announcements affecting the in-game aspect of the game, such as in-game information, date and time, etc.

This thread is Required Reading for any new posts.


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This thread will post the history of relevant events affecting the history of the game, as well as any major timeline events from the game itself.

New posts will reflect time/day changes within each new Chapter.


4 years ago (July 15, 2015): It is a date that will live on in the minds of mutants and humanity for generations to come. July 15th was chosen as the date for nationwide Mutant Rights protests, and Dallas, Texas was the site of a one of the larger protests in the country. Attended by hundreds of mutants and their human allies, and, of course, counter-protests had been planned as well, not only by fringe groups such as The Purifiers, but actual Government-based anti-mutant advocates and citizen's groups. The numbers just in attendance were in the thousands, not to mention the thousands more non-attendees in the surrounding areas, most of them human.

Ongoing news coverage and social media posts and streaming had been showing that, despite the tensions between the disparate groups, the March had been going peacefully. Something, however, changed.

Given the devastation, eyewitness accounts are nearly non-existent, and footage of The Event only records the presence of sudden eruptions of gunfire followed by several bright flashes of mutant powers being triggered, and then ... the explosion.

In the blink of an eye, downtown Dallas, TX was nearly entirely destroyed. Survival at Ground Zero was impossible. Even mutants with high healing factors or immortality were vaporized in an instant, and survival rates were only as high as 50%, even as far away as several miles from the downtown area. While many of the X-Men, and even some of the Brotherhood, were present, most of the higher leadership of both organizations was absent - leading many in the anti-mutant communities to speculate that this was a deliberate attack by mutants on Humankind. The X-Men, though they'd also lost members in the explosion, insisted that they'd stopped several other similar attacks around the U.S., but those claims were largely dismissed as unproven damage control.

In the wake of this, anti-mutant backlash rose dramatically and mutants began to suffer, not only under the yoke of street-level violence, but through bias and Government-endorsed sanctions and restrictive new laws that began appearing nationwide.

Later that year, remaining members of the X-Men leadership converted the recruiting team X-Watch into something similar to a mutant underground railroad, designed not only to identify and assist teen mutants with their powers, but also to assist mutants in general find a way to better living at "Safe Cities" in the US. This lead to many mutants finding their way to an accepting environment, only to find such havens to be too public when events in the US grew worse.

3 years ago (2016): In a devastating turn of events for the already battered community of peaceful Mutants, Charles Xavier dies, suddenly and unexpectedly. Rumors run rampant in the human and mutant communities alike. A cell of the Purifiers claim responsibility, but those claims are quickly proven false - though it does cause a surge in their membership numbers.

Running on a long-standing anti-mutant platform, Senator Robert Kelly (R-New York) announces his intentions to run for President. Backed by a surprising groundswell of fringe hate groups of all sorts, and dragging the rest of the Republican party with him, his campaign proves to be a steamroller. Bullying and hatred is the order of the day for his campaign, and faced with a controversial Democratic candidate, saw an overwhelming surprise victory for Senator Kelly into the White House.

The National Guard stormed a mutant orphanage in Atlanta. One of the kids lost control of his powers, and destroyed the whole area, including a bank. That incident triggered "The Oakwood Riots". After the bank building was abandoned, the Atlanta cell of the Mutant Underground moved into it and turned it into their headquarters.

2 years ago (2017): In his first act since taking office, President Kelly effectively repeals the long-standing Mutant Rights Act and pushes through his Mutant Registration Act, eliminating decades of blood, sweat, tears and loss by mutantkind and their allies. Following the repeal, mutant hate groups such as the Purifiers grow emboldened, and already beleaguered mutants are pushed to their limits.

It is not long before desperate times led to desperate measures by desperate mutants. Striking out, mutant backlash escalated quickly, and several Cities nationwide saw their mutant populations suddenly swell into nearly open rebellion. A mutant attack in Mississippi left a city block destroyed, several people dead, and a dozen mutants - some of them innocent of the incident -  in jail. The U.S. Government is forced to declare martial law in more than a dozen cities across the country - including major metropolises as New York City, St. Louis, Detroit and Chicago. President Kelly creates Sentinel Services, a Government-backed policing agency to enforce the Registration Act and to imprison any mutants in violation of that Act or the newly-heavily restricted Mutant Rights Act.

Trask Industries, operating in secret, begins the Hound program, seeking to use "controlled" mutants against other mutants.

1 year ago (July 15, 2018): It becomes clear that Mutants, despite their overwhelming power, are losing the battle not only for equality, but for any sort of freedom as well. Surviving leaders and prominent mutants from all sides agree to meet on the island nation of Genosha to discuss how to handle the growing human threat. However, something goes horribly wrong. In an attack clearly timed to send a strong anti-mutant signal, the island is destroyed, and mutants and leaders from the X-Men, the Brotherhood, even the Morlocks and other groups, are killed outright or lost and presumed dead.

In the following weeks and months, remaining mutant leaders die or go missing. Mutants as a whole see their numbers significantly reduced. With no clear leadership, and no real way to unite or coordinate, most mutants are scattered and left to their own devices.

It does not take long for Sentinel Services to fully enforce their federal mandate and even begin "detaining" even non-mutant associates and family members of suspected mutant "terrorists". They even begin to detain suspected mutants as young as 8 based on a highly suspect computer program that claims to be able to detect a dormant mutant gene before it awakens. Scientists within Sentinel Services and the private sector - including those at Trask Industries - develop new and increasingly powerful weapons that are effective at dealing with mutants and humans alike. Many in the U.S. Government begin to realize the terrible mistake they have made, but are nearly powerless to curtail it in the iron will grasp of President Kelly and his staunch supporters. Where Sentinel Services find their powers restricted by the need to act "above board", groups such as the Purifiers take on more grassroots movements, creating bands of hate-fueled home-grown terrorists blinded by the idea that they're defending their homeland from the threat of non-humans.

TODAY (July 15, 2019): It is the 4-year anniversary of what people refer to as 7/15. Memorial services are still held every year, in Dallas and around the country, but attendance is growing smaller, and few, if any, actual mutants attend any longer. Appearing there is entirely too risky, and mutant detectors at main entrances restrict access to even human-looking mutants.

No one talks about Genosha, at least not openly. Right-wing news sites give it little more than a passing mention and even then, call it revenge for "the real 7/15 tragedy".

Mutants around the US are scattered and struggling. The mutant underground is faltering as membership numbers drop. Even communications between the underground cells is difficult and problematic as the ever-present threat of Sentinel Services grows more and more powerful.

Hope seems lost, and the future looks dim. Can mutant-kind recover or will their light be extinguished forever from the universe?

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Sentinel Services is a government agency within the U.S. Department of Defense. Its single, greatest purpose is the protecting of the nation against lawless mutant threats, or so they claim. This agency has been accused of targeting and imprisoning mutants in detention centers needlessly.

While it's not illegal to be a mutant, it is illegal to hide it from the government, thus the need for an X-Gene test, which is conducted by Sentinel Services to determine whether or not any given individual is a carrier of the gene. Using a mutant ability in public is equivalent to using a deadly weapon in public and can result in incarceration. Sentinel Services mandates even allow them to intervene in civil and criminal cases involving mutant defendants or litigants.

Sentinel Services' Headquarters is located in Washington D.C. but maintains satellite offices and detention facilities in most major US Cities.

Sentinel Services was founded by President Kelly in 2017, in response to growing public outcry and anti-mutant sentiment. Sentinel Services operates with little oversight and due to the amended Patriot Act, they can violate civil rights and abduct and detain mutants without the need of a warrant or lawyer if it is deemed that the mutant is a danger to the community. Sentinel Services employs different technologies in the aid of capturing mutants, such as drones to scan locations and neighborhoods for suspects. Roughly 6 months ago, Sentinel Services first deployed the spider-like robotic Sentinels for the purpose of hunting and capturing mutants too dangerous for agents to approach.

Even more recently, Sentinel Services has collaborated with Trask Industries and their Hound program. Using mental conditioning and the extremely addictive power-enhancing drug called "Kick", on captured mutants, the program creates operatives to hunt and capture other mutants.

The Sentinels are mutant-hunting robots, specifically programmed to target the mutant X-gene. They are used by Sentinel Services to hunt and apprehend mutants that are too dangerous for agents to approach.

They are small spider-like robots with a rotating red eye in the center. They are extremely durable and can withstand intense physical assaults and intense heat, capable of quickly adapting to damage to continue functioning. They capture mutants by latching onto them with immense grip, even Thunderbird could not break free from a sentinel until Eclipse assisted with an intense heat blast and even then the sentinel continued to function and hunt them. Thus far only Andy has been shown to have powers strong enough to destroy them. With their spider-like design, they can crawl and maneuver on walls and ceilings.

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Trask Industries is a private military organization that runs the secret research program that create Hounds - mutant soldiers that hunt other mutants down. Although the organization supposedly disbanded in 2006, they resurfaced in modern times to work with Sentinel Services in an attempt to bring the Mutant Underground down. After founder Dr. Bolivar Trask passed in the early 90's, he was replaced by then-CTO Roderick Campbell. Dr. Campbell's research was instrumental in developing new ways of weaponizing mutant abilities, as well as technology to stop them. His research led to the creation of the Sentinel robots and the Hound program. They began working alongside Sentinel Services in 2018.

The Hound Program
Hounds, also known as mutant assets by Sentinel Services, are mutants that have been drugged and brainwashed into hunting other mutants. They are branded with a tattoo to signify their status as Hounds so they may operate freely and without intervention by other Sentinel Service agents.

The program turned mutants into Hounds through mental conditioning that forces the apprehended mutants into obeying their orders without question and forcing massive doses of the highly addictive power enhancing drug called "Kick" into the mutants body until they are hopelessly addicted. Recently, Thanks to research conducted by Trask Industries a manacle-like device was created, which combines the abilities of the 2 mutants it is connected to. Sentinel Services now uses this device with their Hound operatives to create much more powerful and effective weapons against mutants.

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The Purifiers are an anti-mutant hate group, willing to commit violent acts against mutants including intimidation, arson, and even lynchings.

Somewhat like earlier hate groups across history, the Purifiers are not a nation-wide "organization" as such, but more of a concept. "Purifiers" is more of a catch-all term for violent anti-mutant human groups, ranging from loose gangs to fairly well organized militias. There are also public figures that are also classed as purifiers that give public support and financial aid to anti-mutant causes such as politicians and businessmen.

The Purifiers were founded at some point by Matthew Risman, who hated Mutants because of their genetic differences.

Even though the Purifiers mainly exist on the fringes of society, they have some very vocal supporters in very public places. While few actually come out in direct support of the hate group's actions, many openly agree with the anti-mutant mindset, including nationwide talk show host Benedict Ryan, host of the widely popular The Ryan Hour, which airs on Fox News.

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Abandoned for nearly 2 decades, even prior to 7/15, the nearly 115 year old Dallas High School (last called Crozier Tech) has recently seen new life. The building, with plywood over its windows, sits across from the now-closed Pearl Street DART station. It is located in what was once potentially one of the most desirable blocks in downtown.

Less than 2 miles from City Hall, the area was outside the ground zero blast zone, but still suffered much damage and resultant financial decline. Though it is surrounded on all sides by high-rise towers, those, too, now stand mostly abandoned and boarded up. The entire area, though not the haunted skeleton of True Downtown is financially impoverished and significantly under populated, though with a growing population of homeless both human and mutant, as with all downtrodden areas of any major city.

Most of the downtown area has been abandoned since 7/15, with only little rebuilding and less significant growth in the area. The wounds are still simply too fresh, the ghosts still too active. The wide-spread hatred and American infighting fueled by the attacks (and subsequent attacks elsewhere) have also dampened the usual American spirit of "ever onward".

Fortunately, this creates the perfect environment for the Mutant underground to hide their Southwestern Headquarters. The school, too, serving as it does as a headquarters, way station, and refugee camp, is practically perfectly equipped.

The discarded exterior prevents prying eyes, and the desolate area is already a well-known fixture, so it tends to get overlooked. Coupled with the tree growth, etc, over the last two decades of non-use, gives it a modicum of privacy. Internally; multiple classrooms have been converted to semi-private boarding facilities, the gymnasium serves as showers/bathrooms and training grounds, dining and kitchen facilities are available for use as a soup-kitchen, there's a nurses station that's been recently stocked by the underground, and even a sub-basement with access to the sewers as needed for getaway.

Though the facility needed "modernization" when the underground first moved in, they've done the best they can with the equipment and resources available to them. Still, despite being a school, the facility is FAR from being the next Xavier's School for Gifted Children. However, the Principal's Office serves well as a central base for the HQ, complete with computer access and cable connection. The intercom system for the school still works for calling meetings or emergency broadcasts.

It's drafty, not particularly clean or well-maintained, and parts of the school are still entirely unused/inaccessible due to a long ago fire. It is, however, the only home many of the mutants and their families have currently.
Google Map showing City Hall (Ground Zero) in relation to Crozier Tech!2d32.786796

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