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Character Creation Guidelines
  • While this game is set in the United States characters need not be from there. However, the game is US-based and US-centric characters are highly encouraged.

  • Canon X-Men characters are off limits. Any surviving named characters - hero or villain - will be in the hands of the GMs. Characters may be related to deceased or missing named characters, but that will require further GM approval.

  • Characters HAVE BEEN affected by the events in the Timeline. Please read and factor that into your backgrounds. You must address the major events, and how you survived, why or why not you were present at 7/15, Genosha and the mutant purge aftermath. Due to the high profile nature of such mutants, the extremely wealthy or those that can quickly gain wealth are off limits. Simply put, they have all very likely been dispatched in some way. And, In-Game, we're looking for Street Level survivability, not the wealthy setting some might be familiar with from The New X-Men.

  • Characters from The New X-Men are welcome and encouraged, but this is a NEW setting with a moderately changed background and history, along with NO ties to the DCU or MCU as before. This is a strictly mutants-only game, Mutates, Aliens, Gods, Robots, Augmented-Humans, etc. are not allowed. Mutant friendly humans are allowed, but, again, require further GM approval.

  • For avatars, please use actual photos and avoid drawn images as much as possible.

These guidelines may be modified or added to, in the course of OOC discussion. Notice will be given to check this post if there are changes.
Cut and Paste directly from below, formatting will carry over. Remove anything in blue as you fill in that section.

<b>Nickname/Alias:</b> [This can be a "mutant name", call-sign or other nickname. It is not required.]

<b>Appearance:</b> [Be descriptive here, rather than just straight factual]


<b>Talents/Abilities/Skills:</b> [This should include any special Non-Mutant gifts.]

<b>Powers:</b> [list][*] <i>Power Name</i> - Power Description

[*]<i>Power Name (if multiple)</i> - Power Description[/list]
<hr><i><b>Physical Attributes</b></i> [These are self-ranked, and are a "priority" system for which is most important/powerful attribute (1st) for your character down through which is least (4th). It likely will only have bearing if PC/PC conflict occurs.]

<i><b>Mental Attributes</b></i>

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