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H-01: Library Data--Drinax.

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H: Library Data

Drinax System

sun: dim red main sequence
diameter: V
jump shadow

~~~~~~~~~~ POPULATION ~~~~~~~~~~
population UWP:4 (10,000-99,999)
Royal Palace:20,001
gas giant moonbases:412
asteroid belt:73
 Ten Tunnels: 

Asteroid belt: The Zipper

gas giant #1 Corbeau
gas giant #2 Trenzil
gas giant #3 Rebeau
gas giant #4 Denzil 2 moons
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H: Library Data

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DRINAX HIGHPORT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ POINTS OF INTEREST ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Although the Aslan destroyed the original starport of Drinax, the development of trade through the region and system has led to the building of a new Drinaxian Highport, coloquially known as High-D. Built by GeDeCo over the past ten years, it is technically owned by King Oleb XIV (the leasing papers say so) but it is operated by GeDeCo under the current administrator Masyn Starbolt.

It is still small as highports go, but additions are constantly being built onto it, modifications being made to what's there and new plans being formulated to accommodate some imaginary future trade expansion. It currently has three docking arms (2 ships each) and six internal docking bays each of which can handle up to 600-ton ships.

The King’s personal starport on the Royal Floating Palace qualifies almost as a Class A port unto itself. It lacks a shipyard, but can repair any ship (up to 400 tons) that lands there and has absolutely luxurious fittings for both crews and vessels.

Air/Space Traffic Control (ATC) Command Center (***): Detects and directs all atmospheric and near-space aircraft and starship activity within .3 AUs of Drinax. Masyn Starbolt, GeDeCo's local representative and starport director, has his office here. There are always at least three controllers on duty at any given moment. Drinax's four orbital defensive gun platforms are not under direct control of the ATC but can be transferred quickly if necessary.
starport berthing fee:2,000Cr per week
fuel costs:750Cr per ton

includes CFR and SAR, as well as runs the shuttle service (Royal Drinaxian Air-Service).

Drinaxian Medicare Center (****): This is the starport's hospital/medical facility; it normally can accommodate 20 patients at a time, but can be rapidly expanded to handle 100.

Glimpses (**): These dozen slabs of polylucite are scattered around the starport. Each one shows some partially-interactive location on the Floating Palace where you can watch how the Royals live their daily lives.

GO BIG Or Go Home (***): Shipyard operates the fuel collection, from Drinax's seas and gas giant skimming. When it comes to refueling, there's  a 1 in 6 chance of a 1d days delay. Starship construction takes one month per 100 tons due to the logistics of getting parts. Spaceships only take half as long.

Hotel Extravaganza (****): Does not live up to its name but it tries. Concierge Megan Maldonado can make it happen if at all possible.

Night and Day (****): Mostly a bed-and-breakfast type motel, it's intended for one-day layovers and tight budgets.

Quasar BAG (Bar And Grill) (**): This is your typical starport dive though only slightly better than most.

Scalawag's Ship's Locker (***):

Sindal Park (****):

Souvenir City (***): This shop doesn't pretend to be anything fancy--it just sells souvenirs that some people like to collect.
Pieces from the planet: Scrap:  
holopic with King Oleb:50Cr 
Aslan bobble-head dolls:500Crpopular ones will cost x2-x3

Star Route 66 (***): It manages to pull off the old roadhouse look and feel with just enough stellar overlay to get its point across.

TAS (Traveller's Aid Society) Skywatch Chapterhouse (****):

Weaponarium (****): Quentyn Flark carries a surprisingly complete selection of weapons (75% chance of availability), specializes in accessories, and provides exceptional service.
Custom paint job:
Pearl handles:

Wet Willie's (***): This is a pool bar. The only seating is in the pool or the beach recliners that you can only reach through the pool. It started as a fad but doesn't seem to have run its course yet.
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H: Library Data

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DRINAX HIGHPORT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
~~~~~~~~~~ POINTS OF INTEREST ~~~~~~~~~~~

Royal Stardock (*****): Its opulent decadent decor more than makes up for the lack of starship building capabilities. Due to the dedication, design, care and skill put into it, it takes 1 year per 100 tons for this facility to build a spaceship (non-jump capable).
Old stardock--used mostly for repairs and shuttle to the surface

Art Gallery (***): This gallery still displys some of the Known Galaxy's great masterpieces (such as Ver Beethoven's "The Scream" painting done during his 'Angry Red' period, Escher von Goth's "Bluebelles" painting, and Perry Rhodan's "Wanker" sculpture), all of which Rachando would like to get his hands on.

Pseudo-neo-cubism Gallery
Alliterative Abstract Gallery
Black Gallery

Great Hall (****):

Hydroponics Garden (***):
 10 levels

Rachando's Bazaar (****): Rachando didn't create the Bazaar--it's been around for almost 200 years. Formerly known just as Barter Town, it's unclear just when, how and why his name became so associated with it, but that's the way it is now. 'Rachando's' and the 'Bazaar' both get used interchangeably.

akin to a medieval town market square, the wall  flimsies can be added, moved or removed easily,

he trades in trinkets--small off-world luxuries and electronics for valuable Palace relics, also candy bars and Twinkles 9 varieties
his ship was being repaired--
Bindo--27th Royal Blade Sharpener
Celeste--9th Royal Toymaker:
Jorn Allandro--18th Royal Pastry Chef
off-world soaps  and perfumes
sculpted candles
picture frames
costume jewelry

Royal Constabulary (**): resplendent in their red-and-gold uniforms, the dozen constables are all that remain of Drinax's Thousand. Since crime on the Royal Palace is virtually non-existent (90% involves off-worlders), the Constabulary  is mostly just a cushion Star Guard shore patrol assignment. They carry stun-sticks (night stick with shock).

Royal Palace (***):

Royal Wine Cellar
wine once a month; mastered the microclime; vintners decide next months flavor--alpine meadow brisk

Scholar's Tower (****): Not as imposing or impressive as some facilities, its futuristic-baroque architecture belies the data and facilities held within.
100Cr per day to do research
33 floors
Houses the University on floors 11-20 and can accommodate up to 100 students at a time though there are only 17 there now.
Floors 21-30 are Restricted levels

Skywalk (****) This wide perimeter walkway completely encircles the Royal Floating Palace at 'ground level' except when it doglegs into the interior to skirt around the two stardocks. Sooner or later everyone 'takes the walk' all the way around the Palace, but mostly it's used for the view at sunrise and sunset. It is lined with blooming flowers--primarily roses, including the variegated red-and-gold Royal Drinaxian Rose.

NOTE: You cannot fall off the Palace and drop to your death on the surface below. The massive and powerful gravity generators that keep the Palace flying produce a neutral buoyancy zone at the edge of the Palace that extends out about 20 feet and  slowly rolls you back to the walkway... or until you get rescued. Most teens, however, like to 'ride the wave'.

Throne Room

University of Drinax
100,000Cr per year, but has clout. If you have a degree from here, it's always assumed you 'know things' that others don't, you know more than you are letting on, and that you always have a Boon when dealing with any scholarly pursuits (opening doors to restricted materials, for instance).
Royal Astronomical Society
Royal Ornithological Society

[Private to Starwolf:
just notes that everyone doesn't need to see...

monitors exterior oxygen levels
inner access

ventilation boosters
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