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Central Supply Catalog Revisions.

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Central Supply Catalog Revisions

OOC: Since it's just come to my attention that the definition of the Accelerator Rifle is woefully inadequate and misleading, I'm making a House Rule that defines it a little better.

Also known as a Gyrojet rifle, the Accelerator rifle is designed for zero-gravity combat. It fires small rocket-propelled missiles that leave the rifle with minimal velocity and thus minimal recoil, then accelerate to high speed. These missiles are gyro-spin stabilized and 1.9 centimeters in diameter. They do more damage the farther they travel as the velocity keeps expanding the longer it can accelerate, until finally, at Extreme Range, it is effectively an Armor Piercing round. These gyrojets are ineffective under 6 meters as they haven't had time to accelerate to damaging levels.

  ~~~~~~~~ RANGES ~~~~~~~~ 
Accelerator Rifle96-6061-250251-500501-1,0002900Cr1530CrZero-G, Open-Ended, AP
DAMAGE:3D-33D4D-34D (AP) 


Open-Ended: Any time you roll a 6 on a damage roll, you re-roll that die and add in the second result. As long as you keep rolling a 6, you can keep re-rolling.
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Central Supply Catalog Revisions

MODIFIED Boarding Vacc Suit (page 19, Central Supply Catalogue, 2nd Edition)
-------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ---------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --------------------
Drinaxi Type-Three Basic Boarding Assault Suit [aka Raider Suit]
Manufactured on The Floating Palace of Drinax by Zariid Excursionista Outfitters

Protection TypeTechProtectionRadsLife SupportKilosCostRequired SkillTraits / Notes
Boarding Vacc-Suit13(12)+16756 hours8Cr24,000Vacc-Suit/1TL13 Electronics Suite included

Notes: An armoured vacc suit hardened to the dangers of combat in a vacuum or hostile environments, the Boarding Suit was originally developed to help battle against pirates when a ship's life support failed during boarding attacks.  As the technology improved the suits became thinner and sturdier, revolutionizing their use in ship-to-ship combat.
   The Drinaxi Type-Three Boarding Assault Suit does possess couplings grafted to each wrist of the suit that allow a melee weapon or pistol to be mounted on either wrist, or both.
   This suit also has a TL13 Electronics Suite, which includes integral equipment equivalent to:

Computers & CommsTLCOST
   This suit is equipped with a small control computer system with considerable
processing power for its size. It can be used with or without access to a network.
---- Computer OptionsTLCOST
---- Data Display/Recorder13+ Cr5000
   This computer sub-system provides a continuous heads-up display for the user on the inside faceplate of the suit's helmet, allowing the user to view computer and systems data from all accessories linked to the suit, as well as store any such data, for future
review.  This system displays data from all systems--suit oxygen reserves, damage status, power levels, scan results, ammunition levels, communications and so forth--not just computer program activity.
---- Computer OptionTLCOST
---- Network Router13(8)Included
   This suit computer system has the ability to access global data networks (with proper permission) and to link with personal comm units and/or transceivers, creating private micro-networks. (i.e., the suit is wiFi ready).
---- Program and Software Packages
---- SoftwareBandwidthTLCost
---- Interface0TL13(7)Included
---- Intellect1TL13(12)Cr2000
---- Security1TL13(10)Cr200
---- Expert: Computers1TL13(11)Cr2000
---- Expert: Sensors1TL13(11)Cr2000
---- Translator1TL13(10)Cr500
!! ------------------------------------|----------- |--------   |---------------------------|

Computers & CommsTLCOST
Radio Transceiver13Included
   A transceiver is a device which uses radio frequencies to achieve two-way communications, without the need of a carrier network (like Personal Comms do). The transceiver built into this suit is capable of Very Distant (50 km) ranged communication and data transmission (to establish orbital communications reliably, a transceiver requires a Regional (500 km) range).
   The TL13 Transceiver incorporates within itself a Communications Specialized Computer/1 which is linked with (and subservient to) the suits onboard Computer/2.
----- Computer OptionTLCOST
---- Specialized Computer/+213+ Cr125
   This built-in computer is designed for the specific purpose of operating the transceiver, it has an effective Processing value of 3 when running the Expert: Electronics (Comms) software program only. Thus, while the computer might be only a Computer/1, because of its specialized function it can run the Expert: Electronics (Comms) skill at either level/1, Level 2, or Level 3 because it is specially designed for that task with this specific skill.  You could not, for example, run Expert: Comms at Level 1 and then run two other programs at Level 1, using a total of Bandwidth 3. ONLY the Expert: Comms can operate at Bandwidths higher than the base Computer/1.
---- Program and Software Packages
---- SoftwareBandwidthTLCost
---- Interface0TL13(7)Included
---- Expert: Comms/22TL13(11)Cr 10,000

PRIS Visual Enhancement Sensors13(11)Included
   PRIS (Portable Radiation Imaging System) projects an electronic image to the faceplate HUD.  This system uses passive sensors placed all over the suit to gather a variety of naturally occurring wavelengths of radiation emissions; optical, infrared, ultraviolet, radio and x-ray to name a few.  The system then converts the data into an optical display using false colour and computer-generated imagery--the wearer can then choose between simple graphs along the sides/top/bottom of the suits faceplate (leaving the center faceplate transparent, for natural vision) or the data can be displayed as full screen imagery covering the entire faceplate (rendering it opaque from the outside).
   Using this system in 'full screen' mode makes multiple types of 'visual' displays possible--from simple video displays of the surrounding area (with and without Light Amplification) to visual displays made from a single energetic spectrum (such as InfraRed Light, Ultraviolet, Thermal Imaging, even Sonar/Radar/Lidar imaging), and including Composit Imagery, making use of one or more spectra.  All of this electronic video imagery can be magnified by x10.
   In IR mode, this system can allow a form of 'night vision'.  InfraRed light--a light frequency normally invisible to the naked eye--must be present for IR vision to function.  The source of the IR light can be natural (from a fire or the Sun) or it can be artificial (from an IR flashlight or IR lamp).
   In Thermal Imaging mode, this system provides a visual representation of the temperature differential between everything around the wearer.  People, buildings, plants, animals, landscape--everything around the wearer is displayed in a multi-colored composite image varying from coolest (in blues and greens) to hottest (in yellows and reds).  Thermal imaging may not be of much value in areas where everything is approximately the same ambient temperature--such as a cave or inside a walk-thru freezer or walking through a room that's on fire).
   Under the proper conditions, Thermal Imagery may allow the wearer to 'see through' some materials--such as a light-blocking curtain or even a plasterboard wall. If a material has Rad Protection lower than 3, Thermal Imaging can often detect heat sources through the material, even though it may be "solid".
---- SoftwareBandwidthTLCost
---- Scope Trait0TL13Included
   Upon command, the visual magnification function of the PRIS sensors gains a targeting overlay which is linked to the weapon mount(s) of the suits forearms. This system provides functionality as a high-quality telescopic Scope, allowing accurate shots to be made with any linked-in hand-held or heavy weapon at extreme ranges.
   The Scope trait ignores the rule that limits all attacks made at a range greater than 100 meters are automatically Extreme Range, so long as the Traveller aims before shooting.

Geiger Counter13(11)Included
   This suit is equipped with sensors which detect ambient or projected radiation in the area and displays it via the suits HUD on the faceplate. This sensor is sensitive enough to determine exactly what the source of the detected radiation is, as well as determining distance and direction it is coming from.

Eye Protection13(6)Included
   This suit's helmet has a protective faceplate which provides eye protection to guard against attacks, flying debris, and even protection against brilliant flares and the blinding effects of lasers.

Self-SealingTL13(11)+ Cr2000
   Extendable micromesh and solidifying metallic foam (your choice of color) have been added to this suit, allowing the suit to automatically seal small breaches and repair rips and other minor damage in only seconds. This system cannot reconstruct a Severely damaged suit (the Suit suffers 33+ Points of damage), but does ensure that, when suffering Routine combat damage, the suit mends itself.

Magnetic GrapplesTL13(8)+ Cr100
   Magnetic plates in the boots of the suit allow the wearer to walk normally upon any of the many metallic structural elements found on spacecraft when they are without artificial gravity.

MedikitTL13(11)+ Cr10,000
   An internal medical scanner and drug injector is installed in the suit.  The Medikit automatically applies First Aid if the wearer is reduced to END 0 (treat the Medikit as having Medic 3). It can also administer Fast Drug on command, or if suit life support systems are failing, as well as also injecting combat drugs and metabolic accelerators on command.  An automated external defibrillator (AED) can provide some limited resuscitating electro-stimulation, when needed.

Smart SurfaceTL13(10)+ Cr1050
   As with many things involving Drinaxi, Appearance is as important as Function--and the more opulent-looking something is, the better they like it.  This suit is equipped with an outer surface layer which behaves just like Smart Fabric. Smart Fabric resists stains and dirt, cleaning itself automatically. Smart fabric armour automatically sloughs off dirt, dust and mud (though this function can be suspended for the purposes of camouflage).
   This system also allows the color of the suit to be changed, as well as to assume a small range of standardized camouflage patterns which break up the distinctive optical outlines of the suit.  Camouflage makes seeing the suit more difficult to detect; camouflage suitable to the environment the suit is in grants DM+2 to all Stealth checks made to hide against visual detection. However, it can be defeated by infrared and other detection systems operating beyond the visual spectrum.
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Central Supply Catalog Revisions

Accelerates metabolism so patient heals faster at risk of burning up.
Requires cryoberth technology for safety.
TECH LEVEL:8111410
TIME UNCONSCIOUS***:10 hrs.8 hrs.6 hrs.2 weeks
* = plus patient's END modifier.
** = missing or damaged organs are regenerated.
*** = incapacitated for same amount of time once consciousness is regained.

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