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23:44, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)

7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol.

Posted by StarMasterFor group 0
GM, 410 posts
Fri 14 Apr 2023
at 15:35
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7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

Leaving Borite, there really isn't any way to disguise your arrival vector when you exit jump-space in the Torpol system. They know you came from Borite. While a bit unusual, it probably isn't significant considering the idiosyncrasies of interstellar free traders.

Due to the number of ships passing through the system, an arrival jump limit of 110 diameters is recommended. Within seconds of your emergence from jump-space, sensors pick up 37 ships in system. However, this quickly sorts itself out to include 4 defensive stations and 3 defensive ships (not SDBs).

Torpol is a water world--there is no land above sea level. The two main areas of habitation are the polar ice caps: North Pole and Six Cities.

North or just Pole caters to and focuses on downtime, shore leave, entertainment, and recreation for the crews of the trade ships that ply the quixotic Florian League-Imperial Trade Route.

Six Cities is the south pole habitat that focuses on financial and trade aspects.

Then there are the floating city-ships of Aquamar, Continental Drift, Poseidon, Neptune City, Oceania, and Ranopolis. These are the 'fishing trawlers' of the planet.

And then there is Stilt City (one of many) that specializes in water sports.

Within seconds, you receive the transponder response from Torpol Highport acknowledging and confirming your identity and providing a docking vector for all three ships.

About a minute later you receive a comm from Prime Provost Haddo Farx. He appears to be wearing an official gold-trimmed black vest o authority along with a matching black fez.

"Welcome back to Torpol Highport, Captain-Baron McFarlane. May your stay be fun and profitable!"

A minute later, Starport Administrator Provost Lemo Falx contacts you. He's still wearing bright orange robes and wearing his golden fez shaped like the space station itself.

"Greetings again, Captain-Baron McFarlane! As you are arriving with prize ships, I hope that means your mission was successful."

"No, no, no! You misunderstand me! They are not OUR  prize ships--they are yours. Even if we were in a position to add them to our defensive fleet, we would not confiscate them from you."

"No doubt you'll want to talk to Chief Adjudicator Rivven Vell about the Clarke bounty. He happens to be on planet about that very thing."

Theodore McFarlane
player, 1370 posts
Human Capt, IN ret.
Fri 14 Apr 2023
at 16:39
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7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

"Thank you for your welcome. My Second will fill in the details with you. Varca." Teddy hands the comms over to Varca and Zhouth, he didn't wish to discuss it himself, being a Baron and all, he left it to his lessers.

player, 1227 posts
Fri 14 Apr 2023
at 19:33
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7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

"Oh!" Zhouth exclaimed, seemingly somewhere between pleased and taken aback to be handed that responsibility, but quickly adapting to it with a bright smile. "Well, yes, we were able to catch the, umm, scallywag? The one who ordered and led the attack against both of your planets, one Ferrik Redthane. We've got him in a cryo-berth. Do you want him delivered like that, or should we wake him up while docking?"

His hands managed to go through a range of illustrative motions while he spoke, from a grab-and-hoist, to what resembled a throttling, a kaboom style parting of fists to hands, a now-listen-here upheld index finger, and an over-the-shoulder thumb-point; some of them at the same time.
Varca Lexand
player, 1015 posts
Human Vespexer
Fri 14 Apr 2023
at 20:56
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7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

In reply to Zhouth (msg # 3):

     "Ferrick Redthane was the Captain of the Type-A2 Trader that participated in the attacks against you--it identified itself to you as Argo--that's the prize ship currently pinging the Janal Torsk transponder" Varca adds, joining the transmission,

     "We've also brought forensic evidence proving the death of the Pirate Captain Miria Silver, also known as Silverhand, who commanded the Vulture-class salvager, currently pinging as Mercifuge."

     "And finally, we also have a sensor record of a debris field that is all that is left of the Type-S scout vessel Misery's Company.  The Captain in command of that vessel chose to fight to the death, rather than submitMisery's Company was commanded by a Vargr Corsair Captain named Krrsh."

     "Captain-the-Baron McFarlane hopes that the capture of Captain Ferrick Redthane, and confirmation of the deaths of the other two Pirate Captains who led the vicious attacks against the worlds of Torpol and Clarke, will suffice to meet the requirements for collecting the Bounties placed by both worlds against these pirates."

     "Of course, all this data will be made available to local law authorities.  And all crew from the courier ship Vultan who participated in the boarding and capture actions will make themselves available to the Prosecution.  Does the Torpol Legal System require anything else from Captain-the-Baron McFarlane, or the crew of his personal yacht, Vultan?"
Ingrid Gustavdottir Sigar
player, 360 posts
Human Merchant
Sword Worlder
Sat 15 Apr 2023
at 07:27
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7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

Ingrid took notes and stood by to offer her expertise.
Viridian Starfire
player, 193 posts
Human Merc
Sat 15 Apr 2023
at 15:04
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7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

Once it was learned that the layover on Torpol would be a few days while the wheels of bureaucracy gave them the bounty, Viridian decided to do something rather than just kill time.

After going through the news feeds and all the interweb hype, he felt his recent pay burning a hole in his pocket. He opted to start by taking the starport shuttle down to North, to the Barclay's Casino. It didn't seem to be as high-pressure as the others... mellower and more family friendly. Also noted for its free pizza.

He decided to make the rounds, but budgeted himself to 1,000Cr on each game.

10:52, Today: Viridian Starfire rolled 8 using 2d6+1 ((3,4)). Slots.
10:53, Today: Viridian Starfire rolled 9 using 2d6+1 ((6,2)). Blackjack.
10:54, Today: Viridian Starfire rolled 13 using 2d6+1 ((6,6)). Baccarat.
10:55, Today: Viridian Starfire rolled 7 using 2d6+1 ((3,3)). Poker.

He managed to double his money at baccarat, but lost on all the other games.

His second activity, on the morrow if time permitted, was to do some snorkeling and SCUBA diving at Stilt City.
Lemo Falx
NPC, 1 post
Torpol Highport Admin
Sun 16 Apr 2023
at 15:18
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7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

"Excellent!" Falx responds. You might recall that he was the one pushing for the investigation originally, apparently as a way to advance his career.

"That qualifies you as VIP patrons, so there will be no docking fee for starport services. Alas, I must still charge for refueling. Not even I get to wave the regulations for the system's life blood. However, I see that under Starport Regulation 839-6, Subparagraph 2023, I can designate you as Favored Trade Partner that allows me to grant you a 10% discount on the fuel."

"It's not much, but regulations are regulations--they've been around longer than I have."

OOC: Quartermasters--unload any cargo and then decide how much fuel you're going to buy.
Vultan: 42 tons standard fuel; 40 tons in auxiliary internal fuel tanks (or else cargo).
Janal Torsk: 42 tons.
Mercifuge: 82 tons standard; up to 80 tons in auxiliary internal fuel tanks. Doesn't normally haul cargo, but can.

Fuel cost per ton: 500Cr (450Cr with discount).

Haddo Farx
NPC, 1 post
Torpol Provost
Sun 16 Apr 2023
at 17:58
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7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

"By all means, defrost the pirate on your way inbound, Captain-Baron McFarlane!" Haddo replies to Teddy, making it clear that as Torpol's head of state, he expects to deal with someone of equal status.

"We'll have a vid crew standing by when you disembark from your ship. Nothing spectacular, mind you, but this is big news."

After Redthane is turned over and all the electronic and physical evidence transferred and processed, which will take a few days while the crew statements are made, the Troika is expected to meet with the Provosts for the transfer of the bounty. That's just too many credits to be transferred casually.

"While you've been gone, we've been in negotiations with the Psychopomps of Clarke about the issue. I'm pleased to inform you that we've reached an agreement. A big showy trial will be held here on Torpol and, when convicted, the pirate will be transferred to Clarke for the sentence to be carried  out, which is carbonization."

"He'll then be placed in orbit as a warning to other pirates."

"I expect the trial to take no more than 2 days as Clarke's Chief Adjudicator Rivven Vell is already on planet and will represent Clarke. He's also authorized to sign off on Clarke's dispersal of their end of the bounty."

And that's how it goes over the next three days, unless someone upsets the apple cart.

When the 2.5MCr bounty is turned over to you, you are also confirmed as Favored Trade Partner with the Torpol government. You've become local heroes, and a dozen companies are knocking at your door to engage in trade... though your destination may hamper that.
Varca Lexand
player, 1018 posts
Human Vespexer
Sun 16 Apr 2023
at 20:10
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Re: 7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

Haddo Farx:
You've become local heroes, and a dozen companies are knocking at your door to engage in trade... though your destination may hamper that.

OOC: Unless the Cargo we purchase is for us!
   Varca suggests you sell everything you can for as much as you can, then take that profit and purchase as much Electronic Teaching Aids as you can!  Enough for an entire school, if possible--but try for full equipment for a class of 12, at least.  Also buy some instruction programs for all basic levels of schooling (as well as "refresher courses" aimed at Instructors).
   Because Torpol is TL8 and Asim is TL6.  That's only a 2 TL difference--versus Drinax' TL14; a TL difference of 8.  It'll be easier & shorter to get the Asimi up to TL8.
   I mean...unless Zhouth can whip us up a Cyber-Neural Teaching Machine
     (this is something we can Do-and-Forget, guys.  Plus it can help Karval (Korval? Whatever...) with training up anyone needing it, at the Starport.)
GM, 416 posts
Tue 18 Apr 2023
at 06:50
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Re: 7: Next Stop--Drinax via Torpol

With all VIPs going to Drinax, it requires the hiring of five new crew to fill the 'temporary' vacancies on the Janal Torsk and Mercifuge.

Those hires are:
Captain Brazen Braddock
Manfred the Mighty Minx
Sweet Caroline Travis
Brinka de Witt
Krazy Yvan Starfield

All but Krazy are women.

Also as it turns out, the Aslan go utterly bonkers over the bobble-head Aslan novelties! You are able to sell them for 100 times your purchase price!

The catch, apparently, is to not make them about real Aslan--that would be insulting and demeaning. No, these are all about fictitious Aslan with a short 'history' of his exploits, such as Wild-Eyed Zyrff who defeated the 77th Cannonade Regiment single-handedly after his grelvar (horse) was killed in the battle.

It's like the Aslan are kids again collecting baseball cards.
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