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A: RTJ Guidelines.

Posted by StarMasterFor group 0
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Sun 28 Apr 2019
at 07:53
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RTJ Guidelines

1. Name (Optional)
     I realize that coming up with a name for your character can be hard sometimes. After all, we can't all be Han Solo (or Napoleon Solo) or Flash Gordon (or Artemis Gordon) or Buck Rogers (or Mister Rogers). Sometimes, though, coming up with a name first will give you an idea of what type of character you might like to play.
     Obviously, though, you have to come up with a name before you begin play.

2. Species
     Mostly everyone is or will be Human but you can also play a Vargr or a renegade Aslan. No Zhodani and no Darrians, however.

3. Career
     You should have some idea of what kind of character you want to play, even if it's the basic archetypes (fighter, rogue, technician). There are probably a hundred different Careers now available.
     You should read over the Character Generation thread, too, as there are some specifics for this campaign.

4. Traveller Experience
      Just give me a broad idea of how familiar you are with the Traveller rules, which versions of the game you've played (if any), and whether you have any of the MgT2 books or the Pirates of Drinax books.
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