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C: Edges and Flaws.

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C: Edges and Flaws

---------- EDGE ----------EFFECT
Accelerated HealingYou naturally heal twice as fast as others of your species.
AceYou get a +1 bonus to any skill checks required when operating a vehicle.
AlertnessTraining and natural talent work together ensure that you are never surprised.
Animal FriendAnimals just seem to like you, though that may not always be a good thing.
Attractive AppearanceYou are considered attractive by others of your species.
BerserkYou have the ability to fly into a berserk rage. When you do so, you get a +1 bonus to attack in melee and always do one extra point of damage.
Bland AppearanceYour appearance is so bland that people simply don’t remember you.
BrilliantYou get a +1 bonus to all scientific skill checks.
CatnapYou can sleep anywhere at any time, and you only need 6 hours of sleep per day, but it can be in any number of small increments.
Combat SenseYou have an intuitive sense of combat; you get a +1 bonus to all combat skill checks.
ContortionistYou can twist and contort your body to fit through narrow openings, hide in small tight spaces, or escape from ropes, handcuffs and straight-jackets.
Crack PilotYou get a +1 bonus to all Piloting skill checks.
Danger SenseYou have an intuitive sense of when danger threatens you. You always know ahead of time when danger lurks just around the corner.
Dangerous BeautyYou attract attention wherever you go… not always for the better.
Deep PocketsYou have a habit of squirreling away small items in your pockets and on your person. Once per scene, you can reach into your pocket and pull out something small but useful: duct tape, jelly babies, penknife,  etc.
Distinctive AppearanceYour appearance is so remarkable that people never seem to forget you.
Eagle EyesYou are good at spotting things at a distance or discerning small details.
FameYou are famous for some reason, perhaps only for being famous.
Fist of IronMartial arts training now lets you punch through hard materials
Fleet-FootedYou naturally move faster than others of your species. You get a +1 bonus to your Movement score.
Fortunate SonSometimes good things happen to you, but sometimes bad things happen to the other guy! Once per encounter, you can cause a single roll by an opponent to be a failure regardless of what the roll is.
Gambling ManYou’ll pretty much bet anyone on anything that might come up—cards, races, sports or even just ordinary events. You get a +1 bonus to all Gambling skill checks.
Hard to KillYou always take 1 less point of damage due to your superior constitution and intestinal fortitude.
Internal ClockYou always know what time it is and how much time has passed.
Internal CompassYou have a natural sense of direction; you always know which way is north on a planet, and always know which way to go in space.
Intimidating AppearanceYour appearance is generally considered to be angular, harsh and intimidating. If you face an opponent head on, they are more likely to back down or turn and flee rather than attack you.
Jack-of-All-TradesYou gain +1 Ranks in Jack-of-All-Trades skill up to a maximum of 3.
Keen Sense of HearingYou hear better than others of your species.
Keen Sense of SmellYou have a better sense of smell than others of your species.
Keen Sense of TouchYou have a finer sense of touch than others of your species.
Keen Sense of VisionYou have better vision than others of your species.
Light SleeperYou sleep with one eye open. The slightest abnormal sound is enough to wake you up.
Lightning CalculatorYou juggle numbers almost as quickly as a computer.
LuckySometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Once per scene, you get a +1 bonus to any checks needed.
MacGyverYou are adept and clever at building something out of nothing. Well, not literally nothing—just common everyday items, junk and scrap. Such an item generally only works once.
Mr. Fix ItYou get a +1 bonus to all skill checks needed to fix or repair a device or vehicle.
MulliganOnce per day, you can re-roll any failed check.
Natural AthleteYou gain a +1 bonus to any athletic or Strength or Dexterity checks that you need to make.
Night VisionYou can see better at night than others of your species.
PanacheWhatever you do, you do it with such flair and style that anyone who sees you do is suitably impressed.
Photographic MemoryYou can remember anything you’ve ever seen, heard, read or smelled in the past few years.
Piercing GazeOnce per encounter, by gazing intently at someone, you make them feel uneasy, as if their inner secrets were on display. Those with ulterior motives, uneasy consciences, nervous dispositions, and those who are lying will tend to fidget uncomfortably.
Quick StudyYou have an uncanny ability to learn new skills and improve old ones, limited to one attribute. You always learn new skills as if you had a teacher (even if you don’t), and you can improve skills you already know at a cost of one less week of study per Rank.
ReputationYou have reputation for something: honesty, integrity, keeping your word, never backing down, etc. Generally, you or your name have to be recognized.
Resistance to chemicals & acidsYou are more resistant to and tolerant of chemicals and acids.
Resistance to coldYou are more resistant to and tolerant of the cold.
Resistance to diseaseYou are more resistant to and tolerant of diseases.
Resistance to drugsYou are more resistant to and tolerant of harmful drugs.
Resistance to electricityYou are more resistant to and tolerant of electrical shock.
Resistance to heatYou are more resistant to and tolerant of the heat and humidity.
Resistance to hunger & thirstYou are more resistant to and tolerant of hunger and thirst, able to survive longer without food or water than others of your species.
Resistance to painYou are more resistant to and tolerant of pain.
Resistance to poisonsYou are more resistant to and tolerant of poisons.
Resistance to radiationYou are more resistant to and tolerant of radiation.
Resistance to sonic-concussionYou are more resistant to and tolerant of sonic damage and concussions.
Resistance to tortureYou are more resistant to and tolerant of torture.
ScavengingYou can scavenge important or valuable items from a room in half the time than others can.
Seventh SonYou can cycle through 7 other Edges that you select. Decide the order, and then each one must be used before the next one. Once you’ve gone through all 7, you start over again with the same 7 Edges.
Signature GadgetYou always use the same type of small gadget and can get it replaced for free whenever it is lost, stolen or damaged. A gadget is any electrical, electronic or mechanical device smaller than a toaster that isn’t a vehicle or weapon.
signature GearYou always use the same type of small handheld gear and can get it replaced for free whenever it is lost, stolen or damaged. Gear is any type of equipment that isn’t covered by the other three categories. It can be a valise, climbing gear, a bottle opener, combat boots, sunglasses, etc.
Signature VehicleYou always use the same type of vehicle and can get it replaced for free whenever it is lost, stolen or damaged. This does not apply to starships or other large or specialized vehicles like an aircraft carrier or a tank.
Signature WeaponYou always use the same type of weapon and can get it repaired or replaced for free whenever it is lost, stolen or damaged. It might be a derringer, a laser pistol, a gyrojet, a Bowie knife, etc.
Sixth SenseYou have an intuitive ability to tell when something is amiss in your surroundings, such as spotting undercover agents or people out of place or unsound structure.
TacticianWhenever you succeed at a Tactics check at the start of combat, you grant an extra +1 to the Initiative of your allies.
Team PlayerWhen working with another teammate, you can give them a +1 bonus to any skill check that you also have at least 1 Rank in.
Tough as NailsAt the start of each day, you gain +2 temporary Endurance. Any damage you take first comes from these temporary Endurance. It does not add to any Endurance checks you need to make.
Trademark SpecializationYou are noted for taking some action or being good at one particular skill.
VentriloquismYou can throw your voice and make it sound like someone else.
WidgetYou have a strange device or relic that you know little or nothing about. It could be an object of alien origin, or a one-of-a-kind experimental gadget, or even an experimental process used on you at some point in your past. Somewhere in your travels, you came to possess the widget or the abilities it provides. Any Widget that is an item is small enough to be easily carried around or worn as an accessory to your regular outfit. You may not even know the item’s function or purpose and certainly don’t know how to activate it—you have to discover exactly what the artifact does and how to use it as the campaign progresses.

----- FLAW -----RESULT
Absent-Minded You can remember the lyrics to a song from 20 years ago but you can’t remember why you walked into the galley.
Addiction You have a mild addiction to some simple substance such as coffee, chocolate or tobacco.
Alien Artifact It’s small enough to carry in a pocket, but you have no idea what it does.
Allergy/Mild You have a mild allergy, such as to peanuts, lactose, cats, etc.
Amnesia You don’t remember anything from before 1 year ago.
Animal Enmity Face it—animals just don’t like you.
Anxiety Disorder You worry too much.
Attention Deficit Disorder You have trouble focusing on the task at hand.
Background Trouble Somewhere in your past, you’ve left problems that could lead to difficulties if ever you go back to where you left the trouble. Note that this does not have to be legal trouble—it might be social (ex-girlfriend that hates you), political, financial (debt) or bureaucratic (unpaid parking tickets—lots of them!).
Black Sheep Regardless of what you are now or what you do, you are not welcome by your family any more. This is of greater significance to Aslan characters.
Body Dysmorphia You don’t like your body. You are constantly trying to improve it, through exercise, training, cosmetic surgery, whatever.
Brash Fools rush in…
Breaking Point You have a high tolerance for incompetence or stupidity, but even you have a breaking point.
Burn-out Yeah… whatever; you just don’t care.
Cautious You are overly careful
Chronic Pain  Something hurts… when the weather is bad, when you wake up, when you stand too long, etc.
Clueless You may have a degree that says you are educated, but somehow none of it really stuck.
Clumsy Oops.
Code of Conduct/Honor You keep your word and act like a gentleman/lady.
Compulsive Behavior You can’t help it; you have to do something repeatedly… bite your nails, tap your fingers, never sit with your back to a door or window, etc.
Confused Pretty much everything has to be explained to you more than once… or twice.
Control Freak A place for everything and everything in its place. Regimented routine and schedules make you happy.
Curiosity You want to know about everything, especially what’s around the next corner or what’s in that box over there…
Deep Sleeper Loud noises don’t wake you up. You can even be bounced out of bed by an explosion and you’d sleep right through it.
Ecomaniac You’ve seen the waste laid to Drinax. You won’t allow that to happen anywhere else and you won’t contribute to it.
Ego Signature You always have to leave something behind when you perform an exceptional task or solve a problem.
Enemy You have a recurring nemesis of some sort who’s out to get you.
False Memories What you remember isn’t what really happened.
Favors You owe somebody a favor and you never know when it’ll get called in.
Flashbacks/Infrequent Once an encounter, you’ll see, hear or smell something that will trigger a flashback to another time, place and event.
Gigantism You are really big for your age and species. You have trouble finding clothes that fit and equipment that you can use. You have to duck going through most doorways, chairs aren’t always sturdy enough to support you, etc.
Show Me the Money You are greedy and obsessed with wealth. You not only want your fair share but everyone else’s as well!
Guilt You at least think you did something bad and now you feel guilty about it.
Gullible You tend to believe everything you are told (it’s on the internet, isn’t it? It must be true!)
Habit You have some habit that you do all the time (daily? Specific time? Under certain common occurrences?), such as a morning cup of coffee, isometric exercises, pray before you eat, read before you go to sleep, etc.
Hemaphobia  You faint at the sight of blood.
Hidden Past  There is something about your past that you don’t want anyone to know.
Hypochondriac You always seem to have some ailment or another (it could be a tumor).
Illiterate You unable to read or write
Low Pain Threshold Every little injury hurts worse than it should.
Rotten Luck Why does this always keep happening to me?
Mania You are extremely upbeat and unnaturally cheerful, unwilling or unable to relax even for a moment. You lose all sense of the proportion of everyday events, and will often rush ahead without thinking, your mind racing in a hundred directions at once.
Mistaken identity People think you are someone else, either because you look like them, do something that the other person is known for, or you have the same name.
Nightmares True, they only happen when you sleep… for now. They don’t happen every night, but when they do, you don’t get a good night’s rest and have a gaunt or haunted look on your face the next day.
Infamy You are infamous for some reason. Took candy from a baby that just happened to be the future King of Somewhere, the only survivor of the Battle of Demon’s Run, etc.
Obsession You are obsessed with something or someone and will go out of your way to satisfy this obsession.
Old Injury Maybe it’s a limp or a twitch or a battle scar.
Outsider You are treated badly by those of dominant society
Overconfident You believe you can do anything
Over-Reaction You blow every little problem way out of proportion. “I told you so!”
Paranoia Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. You are firmly convinced that someone is after you. It might be an ex-girlfriend, a secret organization, or just the men in the little white coats.
Phobia Something bugs you… probably bugs. Or snakes. Or cats, dogs, k-rations, old ruins…
PTSD Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Some sort of emotional shock happened to you. You are less effective any time you are in that situation again.
Reckless Gambler You can’t help yourself; you’ll gamble away your last credit. Maybe you owe a gambling debt to someone and they are coming after you.
Secret Secret, secret—you’ve got a secret!
Dwarfism You are an actual Dwarf (achondroplasia). The world is just too big for you!
Small Just don’t call me petite! You are smaller than normal for your species—the runt of the litter, so to speak.
Superstitious Triskaidekaphobia just rolls off the tongue! Or maybe you’re afraid of black cats, wooden spoons, wide-open spaces, heights, etc.
Trouble Magnet Murphy isn’t your friend. Things just seem to happen to you. Equipment breaks, you turn a corner and run into a police officer, you are getting a cup of java at the local Starjack’s when the place is held up, etc.
Visions Not to be confused with flashbacks or nightmares, these are good things… except when they happen. They don’t seem to have a trigger—they just happen randomly.
Weakness to cold You are susceptible to and less tolerant of the cold.
Weakness to disease You are susceptible to and less tolerant of disease.
Weakness to drugs You are susceptible to and less tolerant of harmful drugs.
Weakness to electricity You are susceptible to and less tolerant of electrical shock.
Weakness to heat You are susceptible to and less tolerant of the heat and humidity.
Weakness to hunger & thirst You are susceptible to and less tolerant of hunger and thirst.
Weakness to pain You are susceptible to and less tolerant of pain.
Weakness to poisons You are susceptible to and less tolerant of poisons.
Weakness to radiation You are susceptible to and less tolerant of radiation.
Weakness to torture You are susceptible to and less tolerant of being tortured.

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