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Foes and other NPCs
Other NPCs and Foes go here!
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Foes and other NPCs
The Society of Flame: A violent, racist terrorist organization that has long been opposed by Excelsior, they've upped their game with advanced technology from caches originally developed by Nazi scientists, and become a threat for the entire team to deal with.

Powerfist 2, aka Mayfield Power: The original Powerfist was a villainous identity assumed by ruthless industrialist Manfield Power, a longtime nemesis of Excelsior; he blames his father's death on Excelsior quite wrongly, and has continued the legacy of the worst excesses of wealth, as well.

Captain Starblood: Leader of a band of space pirates and raiders, they occasionally raid Earth hoping to salvage super-tech or kidnap metahumans.  Tannenhauser has foiled their efforts time and time again; Captain Starblood has formed a grudge about this.

Primitive:  A gigantic, super-strong wall of muscle, Primitive is much more intelligent than appearances suggest.  Primitive is a luddite, and seeks to destroy technology and force humanity back to "simpler" methods of living.  In this regard, Dr. Doll has always stood in opposition, symbolically and literally.

Johnny Duarte, Ace Reporter: Award-Winning Metahuman Reporter who somehow survives getting into the most dangerous of situations to hassle heroes and villains mid-crisis.  Rather smarmy around women.
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Foes and other NPCs
Cú Chulainn - Scathach's former student and a mythic Irish hero. The two had a falling out early, and the two have been enemies since. Cu is arrogant and violent and has fought Scathach a lot over the years. Even joining in with other groups of enemies, like Formorians to ones in the present day.

Formorians - An ancient race of giants that have bedeviled Ireland's heroes for millennia. They are powerful, ancient embodiments of chaos, darkness and death. Sightings of them are less common these days, but they do still appear.

Demolition - A pair of chaotic bombmakers who were granted superpowers by Formorians. They have fought with Scathach's latest incarnation and a bunch of other heroes as well.

Mad Luna - An old enemy of the first Landslide. A psychotic stalker with light based powers. She's not too pleased to find out the first Landslide had a daughter.

White Lion - A Neo-Nazi who also got powers through the Organization's experiments. He's long been a pain in the ass of the hero community and a growing figure with the rise of the alt-right and other hate groups.