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▶ Non-Player Character Roster & Information

Notable Non-Player Characters

Name               Race                  Title
Ostler Gundigoot   Human (Oeridian)      Owner of the Inn of the Welcome Wench.
Glora Gundigoot    Human (Oeridian)      Wife of Ostler.
Vesta Gundigoot    Human (Oeridian)      Eldest Daughter of Ostler & Glora.
Canoness Y'dey     Human (Oeridian)      High Priestess, Matron of Saint Cuthbert.
Father Calmert     Human (Oeridian)      Priest of St. Cuthbert.
Zert               Human (Suliose)       Waiting on the textile merchant.
Furnok             Halfling (Stout)      Gambler Shuffling Cards.
Spugnoir           Human (Oeridian)      Wearing Wizardly Robe, lost Spellbook to Goblins.
Turuko             Human (Baklunish)     Acting suspicious & Rude.
Kobort             Half-Orc              Acting suspicious & Rude.
Elmo               Human (Oeridian)      Drunkard, sleeping it off.
Jaroo              Human (Flan)          Druid of Gnarley Wood.
Thenai Sevensong   Elf (Wood)            Brewmeister Sevensong Brewery.
Anwith Tamlayne    Human (Oeridian)      Daughter of Elkiar Rusman, Wife of Marcan Tamlayne.
Marcan Tamlayne    Human (Oeridian)      Senior Ranger of Gnarleymen.
Robbar Marade      Human (Flan)          Junior Ranger of Gnarleymen, Supportive.
Tomas Waterfield   Human (Oeridian)      Junior Ranger of Gnarleymen, Negative.
Tarim              Human (Oeridian)      Woodcutter, Lives in (03),  Needs help with Giant Spiders in Deklo Grove.
Rannos Davi        Human (Flan)          Owner of the Trader's Shop.
Jarvis Hann        Human (Oeridian)      Owner of the Potter's Cottage, Potter.
Sumone Hann        Human (Flan)          Wife of Jarvis Hann. Potter.
Brother Smythe     Human (Oeridian)      Hommlet Blacksmith.
Nira Melubb        Gnome (Rock)          Owner of the Jewelry Shop.
Black Jay          Human (Flan)          Sheep Herder, lives across the street from the church.
Terjon             Human (Oeridian)      Elder Priest at the Church of St. Cuthbert.
Cavanagh           Human (Flan)          Apprentice at the Brewery, Recent convert to St. Cuthbert from the Old Faith.
Raimol             Human (Flan)          Helpful Lad, Nephew of Rannos Davi.
Mathilde           Human (Suliose)       Widow.

- Added Rannos Davi to the NPC List
- Added the Hann Family to the NPC List
- Added Brother Smythe & Nira to the Roster
- Added Three new NPCs
- Added Raimol & Mathilde

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