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Dungeon Master
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Wed 15 May 2019
at 19:21
▼ Leave of Absence Instructions
Leave of Absence Instructions

Players are going to take off time, they are going to get sick, go somewhere that Internet doesn't exist, have prolonged periods of time that they can't login. Get tossed out of RPOL because they posted wrong in some moderated thread, etc, etc, etc. It happens. This being said, I would like to let each of you know that I will not be allowing the game to stall out because you are gone. But I do respect you giving be advance notice. If you've given advance notice that you need to take some time off, then you have reserved your slot in the game. And I will do what I can to ensure that you continue. If you go absent in the middle of combat, I am not going to stall the combat. I will take control of your character and do my best at representing what you character would do in the situation at hand. You will become a temporary NPC, until you are able to come back. I have access to each of your sheets, and can run your character without issues.

Please leave me a note below with any absences that you are going to have. Thank you.
Virius Tesh
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Tue 28 May 2019
at 15:23
▼ Leave of Absence Instructions
Reposting Here so it doesn't get lost.

Hey gang, I travel a lot for work and June is shaping up to be a super busy month.  There will be days where free time and/or getting to a computer may not be an option.

@DM, if ever the game is waiting on me, feel free to NPC/skip/bench Virius as you see fit.

I know this one can move at a pretty good clip ... I don't want to be part of what slows it down.  I promise, I haven't flaked!
Ali Ansari
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Thu 30 May 2019
at 20:18
▼ Leave of Absence Instructions
In reply to Virius Tesh (msg # 2):

DM, since I only may be able to post once a day at times when there are multiple postings needed such as like that fighting part of the last encounter or interacting with others, Ali would support his comrades to the best of his ability with his craft and knowledge in healing, research, fire support in a fight or help searching areas needed and rear guard as required.   He is not a fighter so hev will do his best to avoid conflicts or melee.  He would use what elixirs, potions and such to support a fight or sell/trade to make coin or gain other items for himself and or the group.  He will stay in the back ground until he sees a need to voice an action.  Naturally, at all times he is searching/looking/trading/buying (when he can afford it) his many ingredient needs to make his various products.  Herbs, plants, chemicals, gear and other exotic items.  Plus always researching to make new or improvements to his recipes he has.

I hope this help NPC him when I cannot post timely fro the group to continue along.
Korkas Stonedelver
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Fri 7 Jun 2019
at 23:29
▼ Leave of Absence Instructions
I will likely be unavailable for a good portion of tomorrow.

Korkas is not a front line fighter if he doesn't have to be and would prefer to get into better position, but if the need arises he won't mind getting into the front line.

He will start when possible with a maneuver to get into backstab position, using his thief skills Move Silently and Hide in Shadows.

Otherwise he has 3 darts he will use at range if he can do so. (Not in a position to move into better position as of yet, so will stand ground and use the 3/1 attack option).

Otherwise he will move in with his daggers, Always in pairs and won't toss them unless he has to. Primary Dagger is the +1 (+2 Vs Animals) and secondary is a regular dagger.

Outside of combat he will use his thief abilities, primarily Hide in Shadows and Move silently to get into better position.
Stormrider Truesight
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Sun 9 Jun 2019
at 09:05
▼ Leave of Absence Instructions
Flying to China for holiday will be patchy in posting
Just use me to heal and attack with my cool sword
Virius Tesh
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 Wizardholme of Urnst
Mon 17 Jun 2019
at 00:38
▼ Leave of Absence Instructions
Monday is looking good, but Tuesday the 18th will be spotty for me ... please don't wait for Virius if he is holding anything up.

I'm happy to have him hole up in the inn and transcribe spells and what-not.

If the party sets off on another mission ... he will tag along.
Virius Tesh
 player, 220 posts
 Suloise Envoy from the
 Wizardholme of Urnst
Tue 18 Jun 2019
at 19:24
▼ Leave of Absence Instructions
^^ Update!  The trip slid one day to the right.  Today is good, but tomorrow (19th) is going to be busy.
Korkas Stonedelver
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Thu 11 Jul 2019
at 21:22
▼ Leave of Absence Instructions
As a heads up I will be mostly unavailable 07/17 to 07/21 as I am taking an SCA Camping trip. I might be able to check in randomly during that time.

As far as instructions:

- Use range at first, then move into a more suitable flanking position when possible

- In dungeon situations, assuming Althiof doesnt' want to take the lead and then he will assist, he will make sure to look for any sort of traps that may be coming up...