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▶ Current Quests, Jobs, Adventures

Quests, Jobs, Adventuers

 - Spugnoir's Stolen Spellbook
 - Woodcutters Problem (Giant Spiders near Deklo Grove.)
 - Black Jay & his Dying Sheep.
 - Caravan South (Zert is worried about the Caravan that went south, being attacked by Ogres.)
 - Missing Pendant in Emridy Meadows.
 - Help Burne find out if someone within his workforce is sabotaging the progress.
 - Lost or Stolen Crown, Princess Tillahi of Celene.
 - Ongoing Trouble with St. Cuthbert & the Old Faith.
 - Save Princess Tillahi of Celene & Sir Joffer, rumored to be at the Moathouse.
 - Lareth "Goldenhair" is trying to recruit the Goblin Tribes to bring activity back to the ToEE.

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