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Mon 17 Jun 2019
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-- underconstrcution --
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Tue 18 Jun 2019
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Virius Tesh:
We have a quorum, gang.

Here is how things shaped up:

Magical Scimitar (+1 Scimitar)Keep, Trade Later
Magical Bag (Bag of Holding (500lbs)Ali?
Magical Ring (Ring of Protection +1)Kossoth? Ali? Korkas?
Magical Brooch (Brooch of Shielding)Ali? Virius?
Magical Cloak (Cloak of Elvenkind)Kossoth? Althiof? Korkas?
Magical Potion (Potion of Climbing)Ali?

Here is the world as Ski-Bird sees it (literally none of this is binding ... just opinion):

Scimitar — We keep this item, possibly trading it later.

Bag of Holding / Potion of Climbing — As Ali was the only one to go for the Bag of Holding, and the Potion of Climbing, I have no issue with him getting these items.  The bag makes sense since he is the concoction-expert and already has a wheelbarrow full of stuff he has to bring everywhere. The potion makes sense from an experimentation point of view.

Ring of Protection — Since Ali just got two items, I think that puts him right out of contention for the Ring of Protection.  That leaves Kossoth and Korkas, each being a front line fighter.  Use AC as a tie breaker?  Guy with the worse AC gets the ring?

Brooch of Shielding — Similar to above, Ali just received two items, I think that makes Virius a good choice for this item. In other words, Virius would receive his first item from the haul before Ali received his third.  [I realize how completely self-interested to even weigh in on this one]

Cloak of Elvenkind — Our first three way tie.  First thing I would ask is what size the cloak was, and whether it could be tailored without ruining it.  If it is man-sized, and cannot be changed ... that puts the dwarves right out.  If it can be tailored, it changes the conversation somewhat.  Like any character, all three of these PCs would benefit from stealth (particularly the thieves, though).  Of the thieves, Althiöf would benefit the most, as he has been a mobility-type fighter up until this point vs. Korkas who is more of a front-line brawler.  Althiöf would be better able to position himself for a backstab dagger strike if he had this gear (and he will reach the x3 damage threshold far quicker than than the multi-classed thief).

Note:  Since Stormrider & Yaotl abstained from this particular haul ... they would receive consideration on the next haul.

Our charter (which obviously hasn't been signed yet in-game, so isn't 100% binding in this instance) says that we vote in the case of ties.

If needed, here are Virius' votes:

Scimitar — Keep, Trade Later
Bag — Ali
Ring — Fighter with worse AC
Brooch — Virius
Cloak — Kossoth (if only he can wear it), Althiöf (if he can wear it)
Potion — Ali

As I said and it may have gotten lost in the OOC Channel. As far as Korkas being a front line fighter, that was not his purposeful goal. That was only a matter of necessity at the time, I was the only one to do it as we didn't have any actual front line fighters. Korkas will never have the HPs or AC to be the front line fighter (well almost never as I can't wear armor heavier than studded leather if I actually want to use my thief abilities).

The next Question is Althiof going to engage in melee regularly? The two combats so far have been mixed.
Virius Tesh
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Tue 18 Jun 2019
at 21:24
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Ahem ... the party secretary calls the meeting to order.  :)

Anyone have issue with these?

Official Disclaimer:  I'm not the end all, be all here.  On this thread, I am just herding the cats and guiding the discussion.  At no point am I telling you guys how it is, or how it needs to be.

I am more than willing to put any of this junk to a vote ... I just figured that we had to start somewhere (throw it at a wall and see what sticks, in other words).

  • Scimitar — Keep, Trade Later
  • Bag — Ali
  • Ring — Korkas or Kossoth (whoever has worse AC)
  • Brooch — Virius
  • Cloak — Kossoth (if only he can wear it), Althiöf (if he can wear it)
  • Potion — Ali

@DM, can you chime in on the following:
  • AC-wise ... Kossoth or Korkas?
  • Cloak ... can it be tailored?  Does it even need to be before fitting on a dwarf?

@All, In a perfect world, this isn't a thread for the 'I thinks' and the 'I feels' ... we have an OOC for that.

Otherwise, this thread will get just as crowded and tangential as the OOC.
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Tue 18 Jun 2019
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When it comes to magical items, they resize to fit the wearer, unless otherwise specified.