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● The Moathouse

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● The Moathouse
Korkos & Althiof hike about an hour along the path towards the Moathouse, when the realize they are getting close then veer off the path and into the surrounding dense forest, the ground also to become soggy, you've entered a swampy area. Your Darkvision is able to see a good distance in the night. You are able to shield yourselves behind a old rotted trebuchet that looks to have been their for many years in the elements. It allows you to have a good vies of the front gate of the moathouse.

Watching for the next few hours, you don't see much activity. But just as the moon it at its highest in the nights sky. You spot an Ogre walking along the path leading to the moathouse, behind in is a group of four Gnolls which are all chatting with one another. None of you speak Gnoll but you can tell from the tones that they are being vulgar.

Another hour passes, and you see a small contingent of Humans come out. Three of them. They look like typical road bandits, dressed in dark leathers, and they have shortswords, and crossbows. They head off down the road away from the Moathouse.

Another hour passes, and two Bugbears come out, one of them stands near the entrance while the other walks towards the rotted trebuchet, he messes with something near his waist and then starts relieving himself. Just feet away from the two Dwarves. After what seems like the longest minute the Bugbear finishes up and moves away back towards the Gate. The Bugbears move to the gate, and a small command of Goblins, glad in leather armor, with the symbol of the Blood Axes, and Blood Shields emurges from the moathouse and walks in formation with the Bugbears in the rear. One of them turns back to a remaining Bugbear and speaks in common. "I'm taking this bunch to Nulb, we should be back in a few days, supplies are needed." he says. The other calls back. "Bring back some live sacrifices, Lareth needs them for his rituals." he says. Two of the Bugbears and the Goblins leave the moathouse and the other returns inside.

The rest of the night goes without anymore activity. The two of you pack up and get out of there, and return to Hommlet just as the sun has started to rise. You are exhausted, but the scout has given you much information to work with.