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Thu 11 Jul 2019
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● Caravan South

After a few hours of traveling South along the road, the group comes on a grizzly scene. They first notice a large dead Ogre laying in the middle of the road, surrounding him are three dead. Some of you will recognize the three. Furnok the Gambling Halfling, Harald the Bard, and Zert. All people you've met at the Inn of the Welcome Wench when you arrived in Hommlet. Two wagons, which look to be ransacked, as well as a dead horse. The second horse missing.

Putting things together it looks like the trio were set upon by Ogres. From the look of it, at least three of them from the tracks. They managed to kill one of the Ogres but then died themselves. The club that one of the Ogres used still lays nearby covered in dried blood and brain matter. The three are very dead. Carrion birds have already started picking at the flesh. The tracks tell a story. The two other Ogres dragged off the second horse, a path is clearly visible leaving the road and heading into the surrounding forest.

It looks like Zert didn't want to wait any longer and recruited Furnok & Harald to come along with him to check on the Caravan. Figuring that they might encounter something, they brought along two wagons in the event they needed to help the Caravan.

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Korkas Stonedelver
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Tue 16 Jul 2019
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● Caravan South
Korkas rode in the wagon idling chatting with everyone he was currently looking at Sir Standrenn "if he wasn't such a stuffed shirt, we'd get along just...." Korkas attention is pulled towards the front scene before him "Well I'll be buggered, he didn't listen and paid the price. Don't ye know ye should listen to ole Korkas" Korkas laughs a moment and then pulls up his crossbow as he takes aim to the trees "Careful lads could be more out there." scanning slowly as he takes stock of his surroundings.
Ali Ansari
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Tue 16 Jul 2019
at 21:25
● Caravan South
In reply to Korkas Stonedelver (msg # 2):

Scanning the gruesome scene, Ah might we send a meat I mean fighter up to investigate along with a scout to check things out, and best we not stay bunched n the wagon guys.  Ali, slides off the wagon and knees ready to defend himself if needed while pulling a medium size cloth sack out (filled with flour) ready to throw.
Stormrider Truesight
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Tue 16 Jul 2019
at 22:54
● Caravan South
"What a way to treat people around you! Haha," Storm says. He draws his weapon and stays watchful for danger.
Sir Standrenn
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Wed 17 Jul 2019
at 00:15
● Caravan South
 The knight seemed to ignore the attempts of Korkas to goad him. Standrenn's eyes looked about him any sign of threats to the group. When Stormrider proposed an action, even if it where wrapped in a flat jest, it had merit. " I shall move into  carnage and see what is to be flushed into the open, in indeed anything. Make ready.""

 The Knight spurred his horse into a canter and headed the  the kill zone, lance at the ready.
Doran Kron
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Wed 17 Jul 2019
at 03:35
● Caravan South
Doran in the mean time stayed behind the guard the less armored members of their small company. His eyes kept flicking to the morbid scene before them, but they also scanned the treeline, his bardiche in hand as he brushed a fat buzzing fly from hovering about his face.
Kossoth Zan
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Wed 17 Jul 2019
at 14:02
● Caravan South
Kossoth shifted from where he was and while Standrenn moved up on his steed on the relatively right of the path he moved up and skirted the left side of the road so they were staggered.  Close enough to potentially support if he was ambushed and unable to get away but far enough so as to not crimp his mounted style.
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Thu 18 Jul 2019
at 14:07
● Caravan South
As the group moves closer to investigate. Sir Standrenn moves ahead looking at the carnage. As he gets closer his mount scares the flies from the corpses, a small haze of black buzzing flies off. Confirming, it looks like the Ogres attacked, the three tried to fight back but it was too much. A trail leads off through the brush, a few splatterings of blood make the path easy to follow if you want. It looks like the other Ogres took one of the horses.

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