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The World of Greyhawk has a long, tangled history that is tracked by many different cultures' timelines. For ease of reference this page will only focus on the contemporary “common year” calendar abbreviated in most game publications as “CY”. The timeline below is by no means a comprehensive list of Greyhawk canon. Likewise, the original starting point of 576 CY is employed here for gaming purposes.

-5515    Suloise Empire founded.
-2659    Baklunish Empire founded.
-2150    Flan tribes spread throughout the Flanaess living alongside native demihuman realms.
-1910    Corrupted Flan kingdom of Sulm conquers all neighbors.
-903     Sulm falls, land changes into the Bright Desert.
-485     Beginning of the Baklunish-Suloise Wars.
-466     First employment of humanoid mercenaries on both sides of the war.
-458     Driven eastward by warfare, Oeridian migrations reach their peak.
-447     Suloise migrations begin eastward into the Sheldomar Valley yet beyond here, they find resistance from Flan and Oerid tribes and are eventually driven to the corners of the continent.
-422     Twin Cataclysms. Suloise Mages of Power unleash the Invoked Devastation on the
         Baklunish Empire. In response, Baklunish mage-priests counter by cursing the Rain of Colorless Fire down upon the Suloise turning their empire into the Sea of Dust.
-342     Kingdom of Keoland founded.
-315     Settlement of Greyhawk established.
-217     Largest Oeridian tribe in the east founds the Kingdom of Aerdy.
-110     Battle of a Fortnight’s Length. Aerdi defeat rival Oerid tribe Nehron, united they become the Great Kingdom.
1        New common calendar started as universal peace declared by the Aerdian Overking.
15       Absorbed by the Great Kingdom, Greyhawk booms from trading post to city.
100      Viceroyalty of Ferrond founded to govern the Great Kingdom's western dependencies.
109      Battle of Shamblefield. Great Kingdom routs Frost Barbarians at Spinecastle.
150      Rhennee first appear in Adri Forest. Unaccepted, they take to barge life on rivers and lakes.
254      Ferrond declares independence, becomes the Kingdom of Furyondy.
300      Bandit Kingdoms begin to form in the Northern Reaches. Shield Lands formed as a bulwark against bandit raids.
320      Oerid-Baklunish nomads migrate to the northern prairies. Outer dependencies of the Great Kingdom continue to splinter off. Archmage Zagig Yragerne begins construction of Castle Greyhawk.
356      Emboldened by lesser nations, the Kingdom of Nyrond secedes from the Great Kingdom. Kingdom of Keoland at its height, absorbing all satellite realms and pushing briefly into Ket.
421      Zagig Yragerne disappears; his castle falls into ruin attracting generations of treasure seekers.
437      Overking assassinated, Turmoil Between Crowns begins over claims to succession.
438      Small War between Furyondy and Keoland ends Keoish expansion north.
446      Pirate fleets conquer southern ports on the Azure.
446      Ruthless Ivid I assumes throne of the Great Kingdom ending the Turmoil.
446      Several states break off to form the Iron League in reaction to the new Overking.
447      Battle of a Thousand Banners. Iron League defeats South Province at Irongate.
461      The Ulek states become autonomous and with Celene sever ties to Keoland.
464      Battle of Jetsom Isle. Sea Prince pirates lose to Keoish navy forcing captains to settle down.
479      Iuz grows in power as humanoid incursions increase in the north.
498      Greyhawk officially declared a free city.
505      Iuz disappears without reason leaving his territory in chaos.
510      Hateful Wars sparked by murder of elven queen's consort, ends with all humanoids driven out of the Lortmil Mountains.
513      Rise of the Horned Society as a result of Iuz's absence. Humanoids from the Lortmils overrun and take control of the Pomarj peninsula.
526      Dyvers secedes from Furyondy to become a free city.
563      Bone March falls to humanoids.
569      Battle of Emridy Meadows. Allied forces of Good led by Prince Thrommel of Furyondy rout the Horde of Elemental Evil. The
         Temple of Elemental Evil is then sacked and demon-queen Zuggtmoy is bound within its dungeons.
570      Iuz, now a demigod, returns to reclaim his lands.
572      Battle of Medegia. Sea Barons decisively defeat the Lordship of the Isles on the Aerdi Sea.
573      Scarlet Brotherhood first revealed after centuries of seclusion. Prince Thrommel kidnapped before marriage to Jolene of Veluna, preventing the union of their two nations.
576      Savant Sage completes the Guide to the World of Greyhawk.
576      Lord Ranger Elkiar Rusman dies, a Funeral is held at Hommlet, and his friends are invited.