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In Mega Crossover Event you play one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, one of the core superheroes within the setting. You're not necessarily one of the most powerful, but for whatever reason, you're one of the most popular with fans.

What I'm looking for when it comes to characters

As I look at each submitted character, I'm going to be asking myself two questions.
  1. How much of a pain in my ass is this going to be?
  2. How does this character fit in with the other PC submissions?

In short, I'm not looking at individual characters as much as I am considering the party as a whole and how your character might fit in.

General tips:
  • Play a focused specialist rather than a generalist. I'm definitely not looking for a character who can do everything - if you negate the need for the rest of the team, then you serve no purpose on the team.
  • Don't be invulnerable. Listen, I'm going to have to throw things at you that can hurt you. If you're immune to most things that's going to make me have to throw an unreasonable number of enemies with that specific capability to target your one weird weakness in every fight, and I'd rather not. And all the other PCs will have to face these guys as well, so don't make the fights harder to balance than they have to be.
  • Bid low. If two players come up characters for the same niche I'll pick the one who is a lower point value.
  • Be entertaining. This trumps everything above. I don't mean "be funny" (if you go for comedy and you can't pull it off that's worse than not trying), I mean be interesting. Have interesting aspects. Have a personality that will interact with others in interesting non-stereotypical ways.

Got it? Got it.

Last thing:

You have a free hand in writing your background. What you write will define the setting; if you play an alien, then that alien race exists. If you play a wizard, I guess magic exists. We may have to tweak things to make sure that everybody's backstory makes sense, but don't worry about it too much.

Specifically, I need from you the following:

1. Pitch your character. This is 1-2 lines that summarizes your deal in a nutshell.
2. What's your power? Describe it simply and in general terms.
3. What's your origin story? I only need a paragraph or two here. How you got your powers and training, and what set you on the path to being the superhero you are. Note that future storylines might reveal that your memories are entirely false, or that you're a clone of the original you, or some other comic book nonsense.
4. What's your solo title about? Each character has an (offscreen) superhero title of their own. What happens in it? What does your character do, who do they fight, what's it like? This should just be a short synopsis of what one could expect if it were a real comic book series.

Finally, I need your character sheet. See the next post for guidelines. If you're new to GURPS or just not feelin' it, talk to me and I'll help you work up your concept if your premise makes it into the game.

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Points: Unlimited. Use as many as you need, but don't use more than you need. I would suggest a floor of 250 but that's not a hard and fast rule. You can spend as many points on disadvantages as you feel the need, but don't take more than 5 points worth of quirks.

I'll also ask that you only take up to 2 NPC traits (Allies, Dependents, Enemies, Patrons). You can have more foes and friends, but only two that I'll be rolling for appearance. There's no limit on Contacts, though.

If you're building an alien or a monster or whatever and there are more of you out there, I'll want that part of you as a template so I can quickly make more as the need arises.

Powers: See Below.

Attributes: Human characters generally should stick to stats lower than 20, unless they have powers that boost them otherwise (see below). FP and HP should be within 30% of ST and HT. Will and Per should stay within 4 points of IQ. Again, powers might change this, but if you have "normal" stats try to keep that in mind.

Super Strength can have the Extra Effort modifier.

Advantages: All powers are built as advantages, with the appropriate power modifiers and talents as necessary. Don't take exotic or supernatural advantages unless they're part of a power (see below).

For Allies and Patrons, frequency of Appearance dictates how often they show up in a useful and convenient way.

Disadvantages: Exotic or Supernatural disadvantages should be taken as part of a power. Don't take Weirdness Magnet. Dependent and Enemy frequency of appearance is how often they prove to be an inconvenience to you - i.e. how often they get in the way of what you, the player, want to do. Don't take them as traits unless you want them to get in the way, though of course you can otherwise have people you care about.

Skills: Don't take spells as skills, use powers to represent your spells instead. Wildcard skills are available.

Equipment: Take whatever your starting wealth allows, up to TL 8. Inventors and techie heroes can build whatever gadgets as powers with the appropriate modifiers. If you take Higher TL you can start with better gear (but the same starting wealth), though Superscience TL stuff can only be built as powers.

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For each power you have, I need you to define the following things:
  • What abilities (Advantages) represent the different ways that power can manifest. All powers in this game are Advantages - we are not using GURPS Magic. Increased attributes certainly qualify - if your character's power brings them from ST 10 to ST 20, call that Enhanced ST +20 or something. Make full note of any enhancements or limitations that modify said Advantage, including:
  • Power Modifier. All powers must take a modifier. There are no "wild" powers that don't have a modifier, though normal Advantages of course don't need power modifiers. (if you were bit by a radioactive owl and get a high level of Night Vision it needs a modifier, if you were simply born with normal good night vision then it doesn't.) Basically, this lets me know what gets nullified if someone cancels your powers somehow.
  • Talent. You obviously don't need to take a Talent for your power, but it exists either way.

Power Modifiers
  • Biological: Your power is a physical capability of your body, powered by your metabolism. You must pay an extra 1FP to use active abilities, and anything that upsets your metabolism might deprive you of your powers. -10%.
  • Chi: Your power eminates from your life force. To keep this focused you must spend a few hours every day in exercise and meditation, as if you had a -10 point disadvantage like Disciplines of Faith. Failure to do so means your power fails you the next time you try to use it under stress. -10%
  • Cosmic: Your power comes from the energy of creation itself. Nothing but another cosmic power can negate your abilities. +50%
  • Divine: Your powers come from a diety. They cannot be directly negated, but you must follow a strict moral code. Failure means you lose your power until you perform a quest to get them back. -10%
  • Elemental: Your powers are elemental in nature and are countered by mundane countermeasures or insulators. -10%.
  • Magic: Your powers channel mana. Your powers are at -5 to skill in low magic areas, and anti-magic effects thwart you. -10%
  • Nature: Your powers channel the vital powers of nature that surrounds all things. You have penalties to use your powers in more civilized areas, and technology also interferes with you. -20%.
  • Psionic: Your power is an innate capability of your mind, opposed by Antipsi powers and various psi-tech countermeasures. -10%.
  • Spirit: Your power comes through commanding spirits. Spirits are fickle, and may choose not to answer your summons, especially if you show disrespect. -25%
  • Super: Your power is a "generic" superpower, not tied to any of the above. It is cancelled by various anti-powers and weird science devices. -10%


Talents give a +1 to every success roll your power calls for, though not for the effects like damage, and not rolls to get around limitations like Unreliable. Talents generally cost 5/level, and up to 4 levels may be taken. If they do more than just add to the roll, (as in Magery's ability to detect magical items) they may cost more points - work that out with the GM.

Format powers like this:

Power: Give it a cool name.
Abilities: List the advantages that come with it.
Power Modifier: What modifier applies to all of the above Abilities
Talent: Name the Talent and how many levels of it do you want?

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