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Wed 8 May 2019
at 16:23
Setting thread
The game's setting is undefined until player backgrounds start to fill it in. Make up whatever you need to. The GM may tweak things (and your character may have an imperfect understanding of them), but go buck wild.
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Sat 11 May 2019
at 17:05
Setting thread
Superheroes are hot pop culture. That's the cultural template for "powered" individuals; society expects you to put on a silly costume and go fight other superhumans. Of course, the reality of the situation can vary.

There are few enough supherhumans that being one is instant fame (or infamy) unless you keep a very low profile. There is a strong PR industry centered around helping superheroes manage their image and marketing.

Being "out" as a superhero means attracting corporate recruiters, the press, and government agencies. Many will hire agents or managers to handle the endorsement deals.