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This is a freeform discussion thread that takes place IMMEDIATELY AFTER your first big team-up, when you decide to be a team, come up with a name, and appoint a leader. I am absolutely not telling you what the team-up was about or what you did, you guys can make that up as you go along, including where you are and what's currently going on. Try to leave some world-building for the other PCs if you post first.
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Brian emerged from the waves, holding his arm still dripping with blood even as the gash was slowly closing by itself. His weary eyes stared a moment at the dawn pushing its way past the horizon of ocean towards the sky. He closed his gill slits and took a deep breath of salty, acrid air. He turned his attention to the clouds of smoke billowing from the destroyed factory, mere blocks away.

He despised his kin for what they were, and the feeling was mutual. Even if they long past most people's definition of human, they deserved than to be experimented upon like laboratory animals. Still seething with disgust at the things he saw in there, he leaned to the side to spit his bloody fangs clean before tying a spare black bandanna around his jaw.

The clear membranes over his eyes began to dry out in the salty air, and he squinted to draw them back. He could now make out the ripples as the last of the Chesapeake Old Ones escaped back to the  bay, and their ancient hidden coves. Even after this savage punishment, how long before the corporate scum went looking for them again? Would there even be any left to recapture in a generation or two? Pollution was winnowing away their numbers in ways that centuries of paranoid mobs could not. But that was beyond his ability to fix. For now at least...

He was done playing Moses for now. But where were his new fast friends? There. The others were emerging from the factory. They survived. Very impressive. These are good people to know, he thought. His boots pushed deep into the damp sand as he made his way to the factory parking lot outside the gates, where they were having an impromptu gathering.

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"Why is there always a knight?" the small dragon asked as it tried to shake more rubble-dust off one wing.  "Every single time, it's some guy with a sword and armor pulled out of a museum that just wants you to set him on fire.  They have no problem working with things from beyond the waves, but dragons - dragons they have to kill on sight.  Why is that?"

"You can call me Drake, by the way," it declared as it flapped its long-wings (well, long compared to its small body) and lifted into the air.  The fact that the wings didn't appear to really influence the flying much - as it only occasionally bothered to flap them - was slightly odd.